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1. On this day in 1972, the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment was held in Sweden. Since then the World Environment Day is celebrated on this day. State the date?
2. By what name is the branch of biology which is concerned with the inter-relationship between plants and animals called?
3. What is the largest unit of living organisms on Earth ?
4. What are the two components of an ecosystem ?


5 . The green plants are called producers .True/false?
6. What is the total organic matter present in an ecosystem called ?
7. Which one of the chemicals is responsible for the reduction of ozone content of the atmosphere?
8. Acid rains occur when atmosphere is heavily polluted with SO2 and NO2.True/false?
9. What is polluted when DDT is sprayed on crops ?
10. How can soil erosion be prevented?
11. What is the main source of water pollution?
12. Name the gas mainly responsible for the green house effect.
13. Cutting of trees in a forest is known as reforestation, deforestation or afforestation?

14. Plants are killed at low temperature because desiccation takes place owing to the withdrawal of water from vacuolated protoplasm, precipitation of cell proteins and because cells rupture due to themechanical pressure of ice .True/false?

15. When was the World Wildlife Fund founded?

[Ancient history]

1. Who is the Father of History?
2. Who is considered as the greatest king of Mesopotamia for giving his subject a code of laws?
3. In which year did Alexander invade India ?
4. By which name is the period of unrecorded history known ?
5. Who are the ancient people who invented the writing of cuneiform?
6. What was the king of ancient Egypt called?
7.What is the great temple of the ancient Egyptians which was dedicated to the Sun God?
8. Name the Chinese ruler who built the Great Wall of China ?
9. The Han dynasty ruled China for nearly 400 years .True/false?
10. Who is the religious leader and philosopher who lived in China about 500 BC?
11. What are the important Epics of the Greeks?
12 Who was the most famous ruler of the ancient Athens?



1. June 5
2. The branch of biology which is concerned with the inter-relationship between plants and animals is called ecology.
3. The largest unit of living organisms on Earth is the biosphere.
4. The two components of an ecosystem are known as biotic and abiotic
5. True.
6. A biomass.
7. Chlorofluoro carbon
8 . True
9. Soil and water.
10.Through afforestation
11. Sewage water
13. Deforestation
14. True
15.The World Wildlife Fund (WWF ) was founded in 1961 .

[Ancient history]

1. Herodotus is known as the
Father of History.
2. Hammurabi
3. In 326 B.C
4.The Pre Historic Age
5. The Sumerians
6. The Pharaoh
7. The temple of Abu Simbel .
8. Shih-Hwang-Ti
10. Confucius.
11. Iliad and Odyssey

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