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Young Anusha's life snuffed out

There is a tragic story in everyone's life and there is literally no exception. But when tragedy strikes, nobody can bear the loss of a beloved one.

Wasana Anusha Kumari

Aranayaka Rivisanda National School
Principal Vijitha Gunatilake

Here is the story of Anusha Kumari, GCE A/L second-year student of Aranayaka Rivisanda National School. Young Anusha Kumari left the world even before going half way through her journey in life.

Every school holds its inter-house sports meet to enable students to relax who otherwise concentrate on studies and to prepare future sports stars of this country. Aranayaka Rivisanda National School is also no exception. Students were preparing for the inter-house sports meet. Anusha Kumari was a well-known sports star in school.

Everyone's hope was that Anusha Kumari would be the winner of several medals at the meet. But all hopes were dashed with the death of Anusha Kumari while taking part in the 5,000 metre marathon.

Every school child is a hero in their own way. They look for opportunities to showcase their talents. A sports meet is the stage to show these talents. Anusha Kumari also took part in sports events with this in view.

The Principal, Vijitha Gunatilake and the teachers were preparing students for the inter-house meet and they worked tirelessly to make the event a success. They also wanted students to do well to improve the reputation of the school. Anusha Kumari came to school from Rahala East, situated about 12 kilometres away from Aranayaka. Her passage to school was an arduous trek though hills and valleys. She walked and ran through these hills and valleys to take the bus to school from home and back. This journey had given Anusha Kumari a perfect training in running without her knowledge. This helped her to shine in sports.

This year too she was confident of winning several medals at the sports meet. She entered the grounds with the challenge of winning medals. Anusha Kumari took part in the preliminary round of the competitions before taking part in the 5,000 metre event. On February 26, all athletes representing their houses gathered at the Rivisanda playground. Anusha Kumari was also among them. The only focus of those athletes was to win for the House they represented.

Meanwhile Anusha Kumari successfully completed some events and eventually took part in the 5,000 metre event. She would never have dreamt that she would leave this world. To win was her only aim at that moment. She started off with the other contestants amidst cheers and motivations from friends. The term Anusha "come on" was reverberating in the grounds. But, while running she fell on the ground.

Those who saw what happened came immediately to the scene to give first aid to Anusha. She was rushed to the Mawanella Base Hospital for treatment. But she had already passed away before reaching the hospital. Her name will be one more name in the list of those who have lost their lives while engaging in sports.

Funeral  house

We went to Anusha Kumari's home in Wegammana, Rahala East. When we reached the funeral house Anusha's parents, relatives and friends were standing round the coffin where he body had been kept.

Anusha's father W.P. Indrasena and mother U.V. Hemalatha were shocked and unable to come to terms with what had happened to their daughter. Even amidst their pain they spoke about their daughter.

They have three children and Anusha was the middle child. She was born in 1994. She was known as Wasana by her family and neighbours.

Anusha was good in her studies and was a clever sports woman. She shone in sports events held at zonal, district, province and all-island levels. She brought pride to Rahala.

She also successfully passed the GCE O/L examination obtaining eight credit passes. She got an opportunity to study the GCE A/L in the commerce stream at the Aranayaka Rivisanda National School which is a popular school in the district. She was to sit for her GCE A/L examination in August this year. Her involvement in sports never affected her education. She paid attention to her education and sports equally, her father Indrasena said.

Anusha had visited her relatives on that Poya Day and attended a Pinkama at the village in the evening.

Though she was young she was a calm and quiet person. Anusha had never been admitted to hospital before and this time around too she died just before she was admitted to hospital, her emotionally charged father said.



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