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The grain on the paper and brush strokes

Water colour on dry is one of the principal techniques of water colour painting. You must have observed how water colour paint blends with other paints already on the paper. If they are still wet, and how to avoid this effect. You must wait until the previous layer is dry. Painting while dry has many more options. Children as beginners could learn step by step the use of brush strokes and the grain on the paper of great importance.

A wash drawing done with pure dark blue paint

Paper to be used

Water colour cannot be painted on any type of paper. This medium requires a paper with special characteristics. The right weight, and its density is fundamental. The essential factor to keep in mind is the degree of absorption of the paper which depends on how it has been sized. The grain of the paper determines its smoothness, fine grain paper is smooth while rough grain paper has a rougher surface and does not absorb the correct idea of colours when applied. The most suitable drawing paper for any beginner to paint is medium grain paper, which weighs about 250 grams per square meter.

How to load colour

You should not squeeze the paint too much from the tube to your palette, or take paint from the colour box. Place a little paint on the palette, load the brush with sufficient paint, you may have to use to paint the picture, regardless of the water colour paint you are using. If the water colour paints are from the tube, apply a little more pressure on the surface in one of the corners on the edge of a compartment of the palette to work comfortably with brushes, in this case a porcelain palette with compartments is useful.

If the water colour paint comes in a pan, it must be picked up with a clean wet brush. Make sure the brush is quite wet and water does not drip from the brush. The brush is passed over the paint until it softens and soaks with the hair of the brush. Once you have done this and the paint is in a compartment you are ready to paint.

Water odour brushes are very delicate or soft, therefore have a good case and always try to preserve them as a priceless precious too.

A well cared brush will last for many years with time it will adapt to the hand of the user. Soft Sable hair brush is of good quality brushes.

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