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Learning to respect others - first step

International Day for Tolerance on November 16:

They were just two grade 7 students fighting their own private war in their schoolyard. It wasn’t a fight about getting better grades or being promoted to the next class or even winning a scholarship for needy students. Their differences went deeper, shaped by years of ‘racist’ prejudice embedded in their minds due to the racist remarks made by their parents,

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Illicit love affairs end in murder

The busiest crime court in Sri Lanka trying heinous crimes is the High Court. The most conspicuous feature here is that they are flooded with murder cases except that there is a recent trend that child rape and grave child abuse cases too have come up to account for a fairly a big number in the court's calendar for trial cases. In most of the murder cases often women had been the unfortunate victims.

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CHOGM theme - consultation and co-operation

Sri Lanka claims the distinction of being the first country in this part of the globe to hold CHOGM. The theme of the Commonwealth is “consultation and co-operation” a noble principle of long lasting value. Some countries who were triumphant over alien domination who were reluctant to accept the unifying bond of allegiance to the Queen still wished to remain in the Commonwealth.

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