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Sharing with children will give you immense joy

The magic of selfless giving

In modern society, everyone wants to earn the same three things - money, a name and the ability to make a difference. Our actions are dictated by the one we want most. You can make a name for yourself - become famous - or you can make a lot of money in complete obscurity.

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Freud’s humanitarian legacy

Many modern psychologists have dismissed Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939) as an outdated psychoanalyst. Some have even called him a “male chauvinist pig” or “a liar”. However, Freud’s humanitarian legacy cannot be set aside so easily. Even today we can turn to him for inspiration.

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Thorns on the Side

A timely call

The recent bus tragedy in Bandarawela where over 120 passengers died after a bus fell into a precipice has prompted the authorities to examine the root causes of such horrendous accidents. Although private buses are very frequently involved in accidents, we rarely come across a case where a Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) driver is involved in an accident.

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