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Harper regime refuses national inquiry into brutality of indigenous women

Call after call, within Canada and internationally, for a national investigation into the brutal deaths and involuntary disappearances of indigenous (Indian/First Nation) women and young girls but to no avail, and Canada's Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper and his regime has given a flat-out no to the likes of the United Nations,

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US strategically hides Bush-era torture to avoid UN scrutiny

Afghan detainee Gul Rahman would never leave the CIA prison known as 'The Salt Pit' alive. Interrogators left Rahman in his cell, reportedly “naked from the waste down,” after shackling him and dousing him with cold water. In the morning, they discovered that the Rahman, who had reportedly been “uncooperative” with his captors, had died of hypothermia.

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UN Resolutions meant to hound certain nations:

Sri Lanka-Israel comparison

One of the complaints made by Israel over the years is that there is a disproportionate number of Resolutions against its country. What Israel does not acknowledge is that none of these Resolutions get anywhere because almost always the US uses its veto power or forces watering down of allegations.

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