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Some of the novel handmade recycled items .

Skills to empower battered women

While women worldwide and in Sri Lanka, were busy observing International Women’s Day early this month, a celebration of a different kind was taking place in the heart of Colombo.

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March 18 - Sri Lanka's Civil Aviation Day :

Making Lanka a miraculous global hub in aviation

Unique in human history, Sri Lanka is a place blessed by the living Buddha and in many a sacred place Buddha relics are enshrined, occupying great serenity. It is a home to historically and architecturally significant sites.

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After attaining Enlightenment:

Buddha's first visit to his birthplace

The Buddha went from house to house begging for alms. Seeing this King Suddhodana was very upset and told the Buddha: “Dear son, you belong to the royalty. Don't disgrace me and our Sakya clan in this manner, going begging for food on the street.”The Buddha replied, “Oh great king It's true that you belong to the Sakya Clan. I belong to the Buddha Clan. It is customary for all Buddhas, to go begging for their alms.

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