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After attaining Enlightenment:

Buddha's first visit to his birthplace

Today is Medin Full Moon Poya Day. On this day many important events took place in the life and times of the Buddha.

The most significant event was his first visit to his birthplace Kimbulwathpura after attaining Enlightenment.

King Suddhodhana, father of Prince Siddhartha, sent courtiers nine times to Kapilavastu, inviting his illustrious son, to visit Kimbulwathpura city, but was unsuccessful. They, after listening to the discourses of the Buddha, attained the status of Arahathood.

As a last resort, King Suddhodana sent Prince Siddhartha's cousin and childhood playmate Kaludai, to Kapilavastu to meet the Buddha and invite him to visit Kimbulwathpura. Kaludai also entered the order and appealed to the Buddha to visit Kimbulwathpura, to see his father, princess Yasodhara, his son prince Rahula, relations, friends and the citizens of Kimbulwathpura. The Buddha accepted the invitation.

When the rainy season ended, flowers bloomed. The environment became very pleasant and serene. With nearly 20,000 Bhikkhus the Buddha set off on his journey.

It was a distance about sixty “yoduns”. When the Buddha and the retinue of Bhikkhus, reached Kimbulwathpura a festival mood prevailed in the city.


King Suddhodana made elaborate arrangements to welcome his great son to the city. Near the Nigrodha Park a massive temple known as “Nigrodharama” was built.

King Suddhodhana, belonged to the highest clan Sakyawansa. The king sent his ministers to welcome the Buddha as the Sakyans were not prepared to worship him. The Buddha did not believe in caste, colour or creed. He always considered that all are equal. The Buddha once said,

Najaccha Vasalo Hoti -
Najaccha Hoti Brahamano -Kammana Vasalo Hoti-

Kammana Hoti Brahmano -
By birth is not an individual an outcaste;

By birth no one becomes a Brahmin;
By deed is one an outcaste;
By deed is one a Brahamin -

The Buddha once asked Sathyakama a youth about his father. He told the Buddha that he was an illegitimate son.

The haughty Brahmin audience, showed resentment towards him. The Buddha paid a glowing tribute to the boy and said, “Brahamins, this child has the noblest heritage of truth”. The Buddha never advocated racial discrimination. But the Sakya clan, never wanted to worship outsiders. Infact, the Sakyans were not prepared to honour or worship the Buddha and the Bhikkhus. With the divine eye the Buddha realised what the Sakya clan had contemplated.

To dispel their haughtiness, the Buddha performed the twin miracle – Yamamahapelahara – (a stream of fire from one part of the body and another stream of water from the other part of the body).

Twin miracle

Seeing this twin miracle King Suddhodana worshipped the Buddha for the third time. Then, all the others too worshipped him. The Buddha then delivered a sermon based on Vessantara Jataka As no one invited the Buddha for alms at the royal palace, he went from house to house begging for alms. Seeing this King Suddhodana was very upset and told the Buddha:

“Dear son, you belong to the royalty.

Don't disgrace me and our Sakya clan in this manner, going begging for food on the street.”

The Buddha replied, “Oh great king It's true that you belong to the Sakya Clan. I belong to the Buddha Clan. It is customary for all Buddhas, to go begging for their alms. The Buddha paid a courtesy call on Yasodhara in her chamber with her father-in-law king Suddhodana. It was a moving scene. Yasodhara worshipped the Buddha.

The Buddha delivered a sermon to Yasodhara based on Vessantara Jataka.

On the third day of the Buddha's visit to Kimbulwathpura three significent events took place. They were the consecration of Prince Nanda, palace ceremony of Prince Nanda and the day of his wedding. Prince Nanda, who was to marry Kalyani, followed the Buddha to the temple, carrying his alms bowl and joined the order. Nanda attained Arahathhood.

Princess Yasodhara requested the seven-year-old son Rahula, to ask his illustrious father, for the wealth he was to inherit. Little Prince Rahula went to the temple where the Buddha resided. He too was ordained.

He was ordained without the permission of the grandfather and Princess Yasodhara.

This was a terrible blow to the old king Suddhodana. He requested the Buddha never to ordain a child, without the permission of the parents or guardians.

The Buddha agreed to his request. To console, King Suddhodana, the Buddha delivered the Dharmapala Jataka.

All these incidents took place in the month of Medin.

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