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No solutions in sight as Syria war enters fourth year

Mar 15 APP

The Syrian conflict has claimed more than 140,000 lives, nearly half of the population is displaced, the rebellion has been hijacked by jihadists and President Bashar al-Assad is still firmly in the saddle. As the war rages into its fourth year and with no diplomatic and military solutions in sight,


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New ozone-depleting gases found in atmosphere

Mar 15 BTI

Worried scientists said Sunday they had found four new ozone-destroying gases in the atmosphere, most likely put there by humans in the last 50-odd years despite a ban on these dangerous compounds. It is the first time since the 1990s that new substances damaging to Earth's stratospheric shield have been found, and others may be out there,

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Military data suggests ‘skilled’ flyer turned Malaysia jet

Mar 15 AFP

Investigators now believe a Malaysian jet that vanished was commandeered by a “skilled, competent” flyer who piloted the plane for hours, a senior Malaysian military official said Saturday as Prime Minister Najib Razak prepared to address the nation.

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