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Writing on the wall for the traitor

Democratic Party leader Sarath Fonseka's hidden agenda came into sharp focus when he sought the "assistance of the international community and the United Nations (UN) to change the leadership" in Sri Lanka.

Fonseka had said that "there is no relief for the people and there is no way out of the misery" and he would seek the help of the UN and the international community for a regime change in Sri Lanka.

His despicable statement, which could be least expected from a former Army Commander, is timed to pamper the West and the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) which are exerting undue pressure on Sri Lanka over alleged human rights violations during the final phase of the country's relentless battle against terrorism.

Fonseka's ignominious statement proves in no uncertain terms that he is a key Western agent who is lavishly funded by INGOs. The former Army commander who marched from grace to disgrace after his humiliating 2010 Presidential election campaign, has unmasked his lust for power and greed for INGO funding.

Although Fonseka's party goes by the name the Democratic Party, he has no faith whatsoever in democracy. Moreover, he is conspiring with the West to look for undemocratic means to capture power with the support of the West which is keen to have a Government that would dance to their tune.

Fonseka, a known traitor, would stoop to any level to achieve his wily goals. At a time the West is looking for a scapegoat who would blindly support its agenda, Fonseka is the ideal choice.

The sinister Western forces and their INGOs lavishly pumped money on Fonseka's election campaigns and it is now time for him to compensate them by playing the role of traitor again. If a regime change is necessary, it will be done by the masses, who get many an opportunity to exercise their democratic right and certainly not the UN or anybody else for that matter in the international community. Fonseka, perhaps, must be daydreaming of an Arab Spring type of a regime change with the blessings of the West so that the Western godfathers could appoint him the head of a puppet Government that would be at their beck and call. It's time Fonseka woke up from his fantasy world as he clearly knows that the masses would never elect him as the President. Fonseka had high hopes of becoming the Head of State by winning a Presidential election during his unsuccessful bid in 2010.

Having suffered a humiliating defeat after a 50-day political fantasy in January 2010, Fonseka is acutely aware that winning the people's mandate is an impossible goal for a person like him, a notorious dictator with a besmirched military record. Hence, it is only but natural for him to achieve that elusive goal by hook or by crook. Fonseka is overambitious and a gutless person who is ready to descend to the lowest level to achieve his ends. Deeply cognizant that he could never achieve his political goals through democratic means, he has now gone on his knees to seek the help of the international community and the UN to find a shortcut to capture power.

Fonseka openly said that he had discussed the matter with the UNP Leadership Council. Although character certificates cannot be given to other UNP leaders, it is certain that Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe would never seek undemocratic means to come to power. A seasoned politician and former Prime Minister, Wickremesinghe would never deviate from the constitutional framework to seek power. Rather, he would continue to contest elections and win his goals democratically. Hence, Fonseka would never succeed even in his wildest dreams to persuade the Opposition Leader to topple the Government through undemocratic means with Western support. Although Wickremesinghe has a Western passion, he would certainly reject any Western conspiracy for a regime change by undemocratic means.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the ruling UPFA Government has won successive elections with thumping majorities. The masses throughout the country have reposed implicit faith in the President and the Government. Hence, no force on earth could impede the people-friendly programs to take the country towards new economic horizons. It is only the voters who could change the President or the Government and certainly not the Western godfathers on whom Fonseka is relying heavily to keep his political fortunes alive.

President Rajapaksa and the UPFA received overwhelming mandates at every election since November 2005. Even at the recent Western and Southern Provincial Council elections, the Government-led by the UPFA, secured over one million majority votes compared to the total votes jointly polled by all other Opposition parties. This alone proves that no party could challenge the UPFA's immense popularity. Even if all Opposition parties contested the last Western and Southern Provincial Council elections under one banner, the UPFA would have still romped home with a majority of over one million votes.

Having perused the statistical data and the unchallenged popularity of the President and the ruling UPFA, Fonseka has now turned to the West as winning the people's mandate is beyond his reach. Fonseka alleges that there is no relief for the people and there is no way out of the "misery". "There are laws and regulations set by the UN to protect the people of a country from corrupt rulers. As Sri Lanka is also a member of the UN, we have to accept its rules", Fonseka was quoted as saying.

If such a situation had existed or if there had been corruption as Fonseka alleges, the people would never have voted for the UPFA with such thumping majorities during the past decade.On the other hand, Fonseka is politically blind and ignorant to say that the UN has a right to overthrow governments of any of its member countries. The UN could only play a limited role in a country governed by a dictator and that too with the approval of its Security Council. The international community had no business to poke its fingers in a sovereign state which practises democracy.

If Fonseka envisions that he could capture power through an "election office" at the UN headquarters, he is sadly mistaken. The Government has always ensured democracy by holding elections even ahead of schedule. In this scenario, UN could do precious little against such country - its democratically elected leaders and the Government. It is evident that Fonseka has got carried away by the few seats his party won at the recent Provincial Council elections. Merely because his party secured one seat more than the JVP, he is under a delusion that the Democratic Party could soon become the most sought-after political party and the blue-eyed boy of the UN.

Perhaps, Fonseka reckoned that it's the most opportune time to tap the UN and the international community for a push start towards his goal of capturing power through undemocratic means and at any cost. With the UNHRC exerting undue pressure through its latest Resolution against Sri Lanka and a few Western countries working round the clock to create a regime change Fonseka has 'offered' his services at the right time.

During the 2010 presidential elections, politically-immature Fonseka felt that the large crowds at his election rallies would ensure his victory. Similarly, he now dreams that the West could give him the power on a platter sans an election.

Since 1931, Sri Lankans have exercised their democratic franchise. They have an unshakeable belief in democracy and would never permit anyone to rob them of that supreme right. Hence, Fonseka would learn another unforgettable lesson if he supports the Western conspiracies and the UNHRC's anti-Sri Lanka moves. He may attract more dollars from the West but it would be political suicide for the Democratic Party if Fonseka resorts to short cuts.It wouldn't be a surprise if Fonseka becomes the pest of the best before long or even gives evidence against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC as a means of capturing power at any cost. The masses would sooner or later teach him an unforgettable lesson and dump him in the political dustbin.

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