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Stratford’s tradition of the Bard’s birthday celebrations brings together residents and visitors from across the world. (Photo: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust)

All the world’s a stage

A slew of festivities in his country of birth and inspiration was rolled out in honour of William Shakespeare to mark his 450th birth anniversary. Much advance planning by the major Shakespeare centres of performance and heritage - the Shakespeare Birthplace,

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Minkathis Thakur’s ‘Lovers like You and I’:

Loves and losses of soulful voices

Is love all conquering or does it leave the love stricken broken and defeated if love fails to bloom to what it is thought as it ideally ought to, as dreamt in the hearts of lovers true? What clasps love in the folds of time and chronology and what makes a certain loves timeless?

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The wars of the roses

I bet very few Britons would know exactly what took place that led to the War of the Roses as much as we do though even their greatest playwright William Shakespeare in one of his plays, reveals the history behind it in dialogue. The complex story behind this period in England's history,

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