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Government Gazette

Western Province Governor
Alavi Moulana

May Day on Thursday:

Working class should be united to face threats - Alavi Moulana

I think the working class can win demands only by being organised and united. But today there are more trade unions than working class members. This is the biggest problem faced by the working class throughout the world. In a work place the workers should be united and have one union. But there are so many unions in any work place.

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Diaspora creates more chaos and suffering for Tamils

The GOSL has bluntly refused to go along with the UNHRC resolution. What the Diaspora does not realise (or does not publicise) is that the economic consequences of any sanctions will hurt the Tamil people in the North and the south more than the Government.

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Colombo to retain its beauty

Threats from terrorism was a huge drawback for many development activities not only in the North and the East but for the entire country. Following geo-political changes that took place in the country in May 2009, more attention was paid to the overall development of the country by the Government.

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