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No force can stop SLFP's forward march

No force can hamper the forward march of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the party will move forward on the correct path for a long time to come, President Mahinda Rajapaksa publicly declared amidst thunderous shouting of Jayawewa.

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LTTE should be subjected to international laws

Given that Governments have proscribed them why is it impossible to implement ‘universal jurisdiction’ against the crimes they commit within States and extended globally while their ‘organisation’ generally has an international nexus and network wherein intelligence agencies of these countries are well aware and share information about their ‘fronts’ disguised behind charity, NGO and humanitarian organisations to raise funds and covertly promote the objectives of these terrorists and their ideology,

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Hard-earned peace should be protected

The peace enjoyed by one and all did not come on a platter but through the immense efforts of the valiant Security Forces who sacrificed their future to create the peaceful environment we all enjoy today. Hence, we cannot allow any force on earth to rob that hard-earned peace, be it the LTTE or any other terror outfit in the world.

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