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Marriage Proposals
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Academically and professionally qualified daughter is sought by respectable Govi / Buddhist parents living in Colombo for their son who is holding a BBM (1st Class) and MBA presently employed at a prestigious company in Sri Lanka. He has a house, brand new car and other assets. He is 30 years, six feet tall Thula Lagna, Kuja / Shani in first house. An old Royalist, smart, energetic and tan in complexion. Reply with family details and horsocope by post or email ([email protected])

Academically and professionally qualified pretty, fair, daughter preferably under 34 years of age is sought by B/G professional parents in Australia for their son. He is 38 years about 5’11” and is a Specialist Medical Doctor (Consultant) Please respond with family details, caste and religions immaterial. Email - [email protected]

Academically and professionally qualified, willing to migrate, or living in Australia, pretty, fair, slim, well-mannered daughter below 33 years is sought by Govi, Buddhist professional parents living abroad for their son, 34 yrs, 5’7” height graduated from a prestigious University in Australia. He is an Australian citizen, handsome, a non-smoker and owns valuable assets. Currently he is working as an expatriate Management Consultant in a top private International firm in Hong Kong. She must be very fluent in English. Reply with horoscope and family details. E-mail: [email protected]

Academically professionally qualified slim pleasant attractive beautiful daughter following Sinhala Buddhist culture values is sought by B/G parents for their fair handsome 32 yrs, 5’6” Software Engineer son working Australia PR holder legally divorced after short period marriage (innocent party) without encumbrances. Send complete details with horosocpe (R, Ke 1, 7 Kalasarpa) [email protected]

Academically qualified daugher with Buddhist cultural values, pretty and fair sought by GB Sinhala parents for their son TT/NS 33 years 5’ 10” tall, fair, handsome dual citizen employed in UK. Please reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

Academically qualified fair, pretty daughter below 34 willing to live in Australia sought by G/B parents for their IT professional son fair, handsome, young looking, teetotaller 6’1”, holding a Senior position in a global company, owns house other assets, divorced immediately after an arranged mariage as the complainant. 0112785613 Email: [email protected]

Academically & professionally qualified, pretty, slim, kind hearted daughter who is willing to migrate to Australia sought by retired B/G parents living in Nawala for their son who lives in Melbourne, Network Engineer, 38, 5’ 9”, divorced and have a sweet 11 years old daughter who lives with his ex-wife. Divorcee with child is welcome. Please reply with full contact details & horoscope copy to [email protected]

Academically/ Professionally qualified fair pretty daughter from a respectable family sought by Buddhist Karawa parents, father high standing professional, for their son, only child, NS/TT, born Oct, 1980, fair and handsome, 5’ 7” height, Master’s Degree in Advanced Software Engineering from top 10 UK Universities and employed in a multinational company in London with PR. He intends to settle in Sri Lanka. Being the only child he stands to own a considerable wealth from parents that includes among other properties and assets two luxury apartments in Colombo city. He will be in Sri Lanka in December on holiday. Reply with family details. [email protected]

Accomplished and pretty educated kindhearted charming daughter is sought by Deva/Govi retired senior bank officer parents in Gampaha district for their son handsome, smart, well mannered good personality Australian citizen with Srilanka dual citizenship. He is 33 years height 5’7” MSc, BCom and CPA qualified employed as Accountant owing a new house and a new car in western Australia. He is a non-smoker teetotaler brought up respecting Buddhist Sinhalese cultural values. His sister is a doctor practicing in Australia with PR. Appreciate genuine replies with horoscope and family details from those who are willing to migrate. E-mail:[email protected]

Affluent K/B professional parents from Colombo seek a pretty partner for their only son 30 years old, 5’ 10”, N/S, T/T. He is a Canadian citizen academically and professionally qualified, employed in a reputed company as a Manager. He has substantial assets in Canada and Sri Lanka. Reply with horoscope to: [email protected]

Affluent parents in Nugegoda seek a well mannered pretty daughter from a respectable family in the age group of 28 - 38 for their eldest son NS/TT, Thomian, Planter turned businessman / landed proprietor, sportsman, currently enrolled for an MBA, possessing well mannered personality and unblemished character, 38 years, 6’2” height, just returned form UK, having considerable assets in Colombo and suburbs. Preferably, she should either be a professional or a daughter with means. Those who possess citizenship in a European country will be preferred. He would idealy be an assets to a business family / landed proprietor because of his exceptional entrepreneurial traits. Please reply with full family details and horoscope to [email protected]

An academically qualified & pretty daughter is sought by BGK professional parents in Colombo for their son 30 years 5’9” N/S T/T BSc 1st Class, MBA, good looking, Royalist, working in a leading multinational company as an IT Engineer. He inherits a house in Colombo suburbs new vehicle and other assets. Kuja Shani in 1st House. Reply with horoscope and family details. [email protected]

An educated pretty partner is sought by B/K professional parents from Colombo for their son 30 years 5’8” smart BSc MSc Software Engineer employed in UK educated at leading school non smoker teetotaller inherits valuable assets kuja khethu in 7th. [email protected]

A suitable partner is sought for 47 y, 5’ 10”, Sinhala, Buddhist, professional, employed in a Senior Management position in a reputed company. He is a widower with two kids attending a leading school in Colombo, academically qualified with an Engineering Degree and Post-graduate qualifications, and well established. Partner should be academically/ professionally qualified, down to earth, simple and pleasant. Differences are immaterial. Reply with full details and contact number. [email protected]

Buddhist/ Karawa respectable parents seek slim, fair, pretty, educated daughter with a decent conduct (being studied) to propose to their son, 21 years (1993 - 09) and height is 5’ 10”, handsome, non-smoker and teetotaller received his secondary education at Royal College, Colombo (GCE O/L) and British Council, Colombo (London A/L). Higher education in leading University in USA (Majoring in Mechanical Engineering in the 3rd Year). Write with all family details, horoscope and contact number. Email: [email protected] 0114-383786.

B/G parents seek pretty, slim fair daughter for youngest son 28 yrs. 5’10” British graduate in Aircraft Engineering presently well employed senior staff grade Sri Lankan Airlines. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email: [email protected]

B/G teacher mother seeks absolutely pretty, fair, kind-hearted, professional daughter (preferably a doctor), below 32 years for her well qualified son, a doctor working in a Government General Hospital. He is kind hearted, down to earth, fair & handsome, 5’ 6”, and 33 yrs, non-smoker, teetotaller. Reply with family details. [email protected]

Catholic parents in Australia looking for a decent charming educated girl over 5’ 3” tall for their son engineer 39 years. He is financially stable and owns assets. He is divorced after an unsuccessful proposed marriage has a child looked after by his ex-wife, all after 5 p.m. 037-2232774. Email: [email protected]

Colombo suburbs B/V parents (caste immaterial) seek educated fair, pretty daughter willing to go for studies or already working or studying in Australia/ New Zealand for their son, 30, 5’ 4”, Manager in Multinational Software Company (Colombo) completing MBA. [email protected]

Educated and well established professional divorced, invites for a well mannered qualified lady below 50 yrs. Differences immaterial. Reply with contact numbers. Email: [email protected]

Educated, English speaking, slim fair pretty daughter with simple life-style, sought by respectable B/G parents Colombo, for their smart, handsome son 32, 5’9”, devoid of all vices. Educated at leading college, graduated in B.Sc. )Hon) IT, employed as QA Consultant / Manager at multinational company. No kuja in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 from Lagna. Respouses only from daughters willing to go abroad. Reply with family details, contact number, horoscope. Email replies only. [email protected]

Govi Buddhist family seek a bride for 40 year old Medical Consultant divorced. He is an accomplished smart kind-hearted gentleman. Ideal bride should be fun loving, kind-hearted and an understanding girl below 35 years. [email protected]

Govi Buddhist living in United Kingdom, holding executive position in private company UK citizen age 46, height 5’8” recently divorced seeks for a bride, educated, pretty age around 38. Horoscope and all details in first reply. Mail : [email protected]

Govi Buddhist respectable retired parents living in suburbs of Colombo are looking for a well-mannered caring, loving, life partner for their 34 years old 5’10” tall, well accomplished, academically and professionally qualified, employed NS/TT elder son. TP No. 0112820324.

Govi Catholic mother living in USA seeks a professionally qualified slim, pretty bride for her only son 33 yrs, 5’ 4”, handsome IT Software Engineer, working in USA. Caste, religion immaterial. Please reply with horoscope to Email: [email protected]

G/B Parents Colombo suburbs seek educated pretty fair daughter below 32 yrs, for their son born in 1977 5’ 8” fair handsome pleasant with sober habits. Australian citizen employed as Senior Software Engineer in a reputed company. Contact with family details and horoscope. TP. 0112-869358, [email protected]

G/B respectable parents living in Brisbane, Australia seek a professionally qualified kind hearted bride for their NS/TT son with medium complexion, born in JUly 1985, 5’7” MSc holder woring as an Economist in the public sector currently reading for an Advanced Masters degree in the same field PR or citizenship in Australia is preferred. Please reply with horoscope and family details. 0112580285. [email protected]

Kandyan Buddhist professional parents now living in Brisbane, Australia seek an educated daughter brought up with good Buddhist Sri Lankan values for their 26 years old, doctor son, only child, got qualified and working in Brisbane, has substantial assets, handsome, 6 feet tall, well mannered, fluent in Sinhala has Kuja in 8th house A Leo. Please reply with family details and horoscope to [email protected] [email protected] . Parents visiting Sri Lanka in mid December. G25748

Kandy Bodu Govi respectable family seeks pretty academically or professionally qualified daughter from a similar background for their son, born in Sept. 1983, height 5’ 10”, fair, slim, TT/NS educated in a leading college in Kandy, graduated from University of Peradeniya, presently reading for Ph.D (Physics) in USA. Reply with family details with a copy of horoscope. email: [email protected]

Malay - respectable family close to Colombo, grandfather seeks spinster brides to bachelor grand sons, religious, educated, teetotaller, fair, smart and handsome, ages between 23 - 28 years, height between 5’6” to 5’8” responsible work at Qatar Airport, Mecca (KSA) and Colombo. Insha Allah they will be here on vacation end December, expecting brides should be religious, educated, fair and pretty, ages between 20 - 25 years, height 5’ to 5’5”. Please send details with contact numbers. Tel. 2530077 / 2567144.

Pretty slim fair academically and professionally qualified well mannered caring daughter with good inherits from a respectable family is sought by respectable K-B parents for their 33 years old, 5’ 10” handsome son who completed Masters Degree in a prestigious University in UK currently working as a HR Manager for a leading private company in Colombo. He inherits valuable assets in Colombo, Kurunegala. Please reply with family background and horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Professional parents (Buddhist / Durawa) seek a partner for handsome fair, youngest son, 28yrs. 5’ 9’’, A corporate Lawyer pursuing LLM in London. She Should be good looking and well educated locally or abroad. Write with horoscope to, [email protected]

Respectable Sinhalese G/B professional parents living & working in the UK are looking for a suitably qualified daughter with a pleasing personality & simple home values for their younger son 27 years old, final year medical student, having already completed a degree in economics & maths from a UK university, reading for his medical degree at a leading medical school in the UK. He is well mannered, non-smoker with sober habits & brought up with Buddhist values. He is 5’ 10” slim, fair and handsome. Please reply with family & birth details to [email protected]

Seeking a bride for their son educated in Canada/ UK, currently living in Melbourne (PR holder) IT professional 32, fair, 5’ 7”, MSc qualified working for leading multinational organization. Parents academically and professionally qualified. Partner preferably from Australia or if SL willing to migrate. Caste and religion immaterial. Email: [email protected]

Sinahala Govi Buddhist mother from Nugegoda seeks an educated well mannered daughter below 30 yrs for her youngest son 33 yrs. 5’11” tall, teetotaller, non smoker Computer Engineer working in a reputed company in New York USA. Reply with family details and horoscope (non malefic) [email protected]

Sinhala B/K parents with a respectable family background seek a pretty educated daughter for their son 32 years, 5’ 9” tall, NS/TT with an unblemished character handsome kind and caring person academcially and professionally well qualified with BSc MSc UK and Software Engineer by profession. Had his secondary education from a leading school in Colombo. Owns substantial assets including own house in Colombo suburbs and a new car. Currently working overseas as a Consultant for a leading reputed European company and will be visiting Sri Lanka in mid end of December for a short vacation. Complete details and copy of horoscope in first letter. email: [email protected]

Sinhala Catholic professional parents seek a pretty, educated daughter, (Preferably living in USA, Canada or UK) for their eldest son, 28 years, (tall, handsome) a USA qualified Engineer from a very prestigious University. Other religions considered. Email: [email protected]

Sinhala, Buddhist, educated and well established 5’ 8”, 57, fair complexion IT professional living in Western country divorced with (son 19) invites for a Sinhala Buddhist charm, kind hearted attractive lady in her mid to forties to early fifties. Consider to settle down in Sri Lanka. Email: [email protected]

Sinhalese Catholic Australian parents, living in Sydney seek a professionally qualified, fair & pretty bride for their son. He is 5’ 6”, 31 years, a Chartered Accountant, N/S with sober habits and well employed in a multinational company in Europe. He is well mannered and of excellent upbringing. He had all his education in Australia. Australian, New Zealand, UK, USA residents or those willing to migrate to Australia are preferred. Please reply with full details of the proposed bride and family to [email protected]

Srilankan family living in the US (USA citizens) seeks a suitable partner for their youngest son, 27, 5’ 5” and slim, gradauted from a leading university in the US. Looking for a Roman Catholic, educated partner, willing to migrate. Email with details [email protected]

Teetotaller gent seeks English speaking slim lady with moderate religious belief, below 40 Muslim divorcee/ widow. [email protected]

Uncle seeks for K/G 35 yrs old, dual citizen nephew height 5’ 6”, a pleasant kind caring partner with good moral character from a respectable family. She should be fluent in English and fond of animals. Religion immaterial. Respond with details to [email protected]

Well connected Sinhalese parents seek partner from English speaking background for independent very attractive (34 years) hearing impaired daughter who communicates without sign language. Gainfully employed and owns valuable home and other assets. Would suit appropriately qualified persons owning to strong prospects of migration. Please reply to [email protected]

30 yrs (January 1984), 5’10” eldest son an Australian citizen, professionally qualified, well employed as an IT Analyst in a reputed company in Perth. B/G well connected family seeks a suitable partner. Please reply with full family details, contact number and a copy of the horoscope. Email: [email protected]


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