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Domestic violence victim

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on Nov 25 :

Stop the violence NOW!

In a couple of days, women across the world will take to the streets and public platforms to air their views on a subject that they have long been familiar with - so much so that it has become part of their daily lives: namely, Gender Based Violence (GBV). Living in a world where almost every fabric of society has been infiltrated by acts of violence, where civil wars, ethnic conflicts, honour killings, and moral decay have collectively contributed to the rapid rise of unsafe environments, women have never been exposed to so much violence as they are today.

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Sexual offences:

A strong case for enhanced punishment advocated

It would be worthwhile to quote from a front page editorial of Johannesburg’s Star Newspaper making an urgent call to the nation regarding an alarming trend in the incidence of women and child rape crime in South Africa. It read ‘Stand up. Speak out. Help us turn this evil around once and for all’.

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