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Yoga, an effective alternative therapy for kidney disorders

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) inclusive of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and cancer to be the leading causes of mortality in the world, representing over 60 percent of all deaths. Out of these diseases, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is on the increase worldwide.

The incidence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has doubled in the past 15 years. It is estimated that currently there are about two million people affected by this disease and over one million people worldwide who are alive on dialysis or with a functioning graft.

Diabetes and hypertension are among the leading causes of kidney disease. Diabetes is an important cause of Chronic Kidney Failure (CKF) and is five times more common in Asians when compared to white population. Hypertension is an another important cause of kidney failure and it too has seen a global increase in its incidence. Asians again are twice more prone to develop this condition in comparison to the white population. Almost 66 percent of Chronic Kidney Failure occur due to diabetes or hypertension.

Cleanse toxins

No real cure for CKD, but can treat it minimise its damage. However, more than 5,000 years old ancient Siddha Medical System can help prevent and treat kidney failure very effectively without incurring any expenses. Herbs and Yoga are like two eyes of this ancient traditional medical system. Certain herbal remedies have long been used in preventing and treating kidney diseases and other problems associated with urinary tract. Pineapple is high in the natural enzyme called bromelain, which is reputed to kidney diseases. Bromelain may help to reduce amyloid deposits in the kidneys. Amyloid is a type of protein that produced throughout the body as one ages.

Watermelon may help cleanse toxins and waste from your urinary tract, slowing the progression of damage to kidney tissues. This is rich in vitamin A which helps enhance immune system function, preventing viruses and bacteria from causing additional kidney damages. It also contains vitamin C which acidifies your urine to remove calcium deposits. that may cause additional damage.

Legumes such as lentil, pea, bean and black bean that contain an amino acid called Arginine, which may inhibit the production of lysine a substance that can damage the kidneys. Arginine also may help slow the progression of the kidney diseases and prevent additional damage. Watermelon contains a large amount of water which helps flush out kidneys. Coriander leaves may help cleanse toxins, salt and unwanted accumulated in kidneys and expel same through urination.

A raw food diet can help increase support kidneys health by placing less strain on the digestive system, Other good raw foods for kidney health include leafy greens, cucumber, garlic and papaw. Instead of meat eat legumes and nuts. It is important to eat low protein vegetables and fruits. Eat broccoli, mushroom, apple, walnut, red grapes, cucumber, carrot and chocolate. These herbs help not only prevent development of kidney diseases, but also cure them very effectively removing their root causes.

Yoga practice

The ancient system of Yoga practice has helped mankind to keep himself radiant with a natural beauty and health.

The various postures (asanas) with their easy movements are essential for the highest level of physical, mental and spiritual health. During the past decade millions of people all over the world have come to recognize the benefits of Yoga. It is fast becoming popular as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in western countries. Unlike many other activities and exercises, Yoga is suitable for almost anybody at any age and in any condition. From sedentary elderly to the elite professional sports person Yoga can help to improve so many aspects of the personís life. You will see many positive changes in your life from doing Yoga on regular basis. Even relaxation techniques relieve stress, eliminate anxiety and other mind related problems. Yoga prevents almost all causes that cause kidney disease including hereditary.

It helps eliminate addiction to smoking, alcohol and other bad habits such as excessive sex, over consumption of unhealthy diet etc., reduces obesity, controls high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and cures anemia.

Yoga allows our body to restore and revitalise, and many types of Yoga postures improve the health of the kidneys. If one does Yoga regularly his risk of developing kidney problems will be lower than those who do not do it. Yoga Therapy has been found to be very successful in curing kidney diseases. Practitioners of Yoga are never affected by kidney disorders and kidneys get stronger day by day.

Sun salutation is good for heart, lungs, kidneys and diabetes patients. It should be practised two times a day early in the morning and evening facing the sun. Cow face pose (Gomukhasana) strengthens kidneys and good for diabetes. Crocodile pose (Makkarasana) increases blood circulation to kidneys and helps better functioning of the excretory organ.

Bow pose (Dhanurasana) strengthens kidneys and prevents urine problems. Camel pose (Ushtrasana) improves blood circulation and provides relief to kidney disorders. Fish pose (Matsyasana) keeps kidneys healthy. Ardha matsyendrasana is also very good for kidneys.

It rejuvenates the ailing kidneys and provides proper nutrition and blood to kidneys. Cobra pose (Bhujangasana) massages the kidney. These Yoga postures simply put pressure on the kidneys and massage them.

Breathing exercises (Pranayama) aim at fortifying, sustaining and nurturing vital force (Prana) of the body. It is connected more with our mental faculties than physical. It corrects various, if not all physical disorders including kidney diseases. It purifies blood, retards ageing, provides peace of mind and improves your life span. Kapalapathy pranayama if practiced regularly reduces fat, controls diabetes, reduces gas, relieves constipation, and reduces acidity.

It keeps the kidney healthy. It also dissolves kidney stones and stones in gall bladder. Anyone with kidney disease should practise kapalabhathy for 15 minutes. Nadi Shodana Pranayama cleanses all organs in the body. All problems related to urine, acidity etc. are cured keeping the kidneys healthy and making the whole body healthy.

Abdominal lock (Uddiyana Bandha) takes care of all organs inside the abdomen and makes the kidneys healthy. Patients of chronic kidney failure must practise Nauli Bandha twice a day for 10 minutes.

Meditation helps kidney patients battle the disease with peace and spiritual strength. The divine energy flows freely during meditation soothes the mind, sense organs and nerves. Thus, the whole body gets rejuvenated.

The mind becomes still and the body relaxed and peaceful. All the chemical processes and organs of body start working flawlessly. The feel good substance called endorphins and alpha waves formed during meditation enhance the healing process.

Even patients who have reached the end stage renal disease (ESRD) and on dialysis can do Yoga while taking the prescription drugs under the supervision of a well qualified and experienced Yoga Therapist.

Two parts

The human body is composed of two parts viz, the visible physical body and the invisible energy body (also called the Bioplasmic Energy Body). The visible physical body is that which we touch, see and hear. Bioplasmic Energy body is an invisible luminous energy body that interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it by four to five inches.

Whenever a person is infected by some ailments, his ailing organ/part indicates lack or inadequate energy flow (Prana).

When life energy is replenished, a state of health returns.

As long as the energy permeates to each organ and sinew of body, there is hardly any chance of facing any health hazards. Yoga Breathing exercise (Pranayama) helps replenish life energy. It also affects the entire body system and tones blood circulation, glandular system, nervous system, pranic energy channel network, the store of pranic energy in the body and subtle body.

Therefore, one could infer that Yoga is an effective alternative therapy for kidney failure. It is regretted that when the western population is enjoying the maximum health benefits of our Yoga no due recognition is given to it in Sri Lanka.

This is mainly due to lack of sufficient knowledge with regard to the marvelous therapeutic effects of Yoga among Sri Lankans. They are unaware of the fact that conventional medicines only remove the symptoms of diseases instantly besides causing various nasty side effects. Yoga cures the diseases removing the root causes of same without any side effects and expenses.

The authorities concerned should favourably consider introduction of yoga therapy in our hospitals along with conventional treatment for a fast recovery as done in India and some other western countries.

This will pave the way to curtail the expenses involved in procurement of expensive drugs to a great extent. The Health Ministry has allocated a colossal 400 million rupees to treat kidney patients.

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