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If you do the muscle exercises well, you will find a pleasant change towards serenity creeping up on you.

Muscle relaxation can beat tension

These are incredible times to be living in, and technologies such as computers, televisions, telephones, and cars have made life so much easier and convenient. Times of tremendous growth and prosperity also require that you grow and adapt with them. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with such a fast-paced and ever changing society, so it is very important to learn and utilise skills that will help you succeed in the 21st century. These skills will not only help you gain control of your life, but they will also help you gain that extra advantage needed to make it in today’s global world.

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Coming to grips with atomism

Unlike Eastern philosophers such as the Buddha in India, Confucius and Mozi in China, Western philosophers probed the universe and how it came into being. In the 5th century BCE, two Greek philosophers who came from Abderra suggested that everything was made up of tiny particles. The two philosophers - Democritus and Leucippus - called the tiny particles ‘atoms.’ The Greek word ‘atamos’ means ‘uncuttable.’ This is considered the first atomic theory in the Western world.

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Another way is possible :

Changing course to feed the future world

The 2008 global food price spikes were a wake-up call to global policymakers, shaking them from the lethargic slumber of the overfed. The rhetorical responses were swift, but policies and practices have changed little. That is in part because they relied on the tried-and-failed solution of increasing commodity food production.

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