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Kaushalya wins Silver Award

Kaushalya with her Silver in the prestigious Serendib Lanka Awards 2014 in Melbourne.

Breaking new ground and breathing new life into her musical creativity and career is Kaushalya Fonseka Mark who carried away the Silver in the prestigious Serendib Lankan Awards 2014 in Melbourne recently.

The Silver award was given to her to celebrate Sri Lankans who have with their creativity made a difference and an impact on the community in Australia.

The Serendib Lankan Awards we understand is a red carpet ‘affair’ and looked forward to by all Sri Lankans in Australia. With her first release ‘Show Me How It's Done’ she proved to all in the music industry that not only is she a professional singer but also a composer and lyricist.

Question: When you won the first ever Home Grown Award for Best Female Artiste in 2013 did it spur you to move into creating another single and be in the music scene because you never know what success will come your way?

Answer: This latest award was yet another memorable achievement in my career as a singer, lyricist and composer and I look forward to more opportunities in taking Sri Lanka on to the international music arena. My heart and soul is Sri Lankan, even as I work on my music in Australia I am aware that being a musician has its challenges and for one who is taking her first strides, and is motivated by people who support.

Yes, I'm in the process of creating another new single. And the people who supported me believe in my creativity and capabilities.

Q: How different was this competition for the Awards, when you compare it to what happens in Sri Lanka?

A: The competition was high. Over 360 nominations were received by the organisers.

Sri Lankans were interviewed and shortlisted by an independent panel of judges.

Q: Could you briefly tell us what the Serendib Awards 2014 is all about?

A: It is a milestone event organised by a dynamic team of people headed by Virosh Perera and this year it was held at the Grand on Princess.

Seventy awards were presented covering 25 categories including Business, Sport, Charity, Music, Entertainment, Arts and Hospitality to name a few. The program celebrates Sri Lankans who have made a difference and an impact on society.

Dilip Kumar who is an inspirational Sri Lankan has been the Chairman of the Australian Rugby Union and Managing Director of the Peninsula Motor Group for over 30 years was the Chief Guest and keynote speaker. Entertainers Andrew de Silva and Alston Koch received lifetime achievement awards while Julian Simonsz – The Voice finalist won the Gold in the Entertainment category.

Q: What would be your future plans with regard to your music career. Do you intend persuing it so that you hit the high spots in Melbourne?

A: I have just released my latest song “Can't Get You Off My Mind’ which was produced by Mark Gooneratne under the KK label and there are few more in the pipeline.

My fans could follow my journey in music on my Facebook Page. KK Music that also has the Youtube links to all my songs.

Q: Take us back in time and give us an insight into your musical beginnings?

A: I started to play the piano at a very young age. I played by ear.

There was a piano at home and I used to sit and work on the tunes that were heard on the TV.

Learning theory was my greatest bugbear. In school I took part in productions sang in the school choir, learned under Mary Ann David and when I felt confident in facing music lovers in the industry I had the opportunity to sing with Warren and Rozette in their group RMC and turned professional.When I went over to Melbourne for studies, I couldn't put aside my music.

The Christmas gift of a keyboard from my husband opened a door for a new life.

I started composing songs, and urged by my husband I began to record my songs and moved to where I am today.

The journey was not that smooth but I'm happy for the experience and above all the appreciation I have received.

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