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A record book of Western musicians of Sri Lanka

“And let the music play on”

Ishan Bahar of Jetliner fame, who considers himself the great, grandfather of western music, what with his granddaughter Shyanne a musician in her own right, and the daughter of Ishan’s eldest son, Ricardo, who has cut himself a niche in the western music arena, giving birth to a boy in September this year.

Ishan Bahar

A long time need has been to publish a record book of Sri Lankan musicians here and abroad. Towards this end Ishan has launched himself into compiling a book featuring musicians of Sri Lankan origin who were part of the western music scene from the 1950’s to the present day.

The greats of yesteryear such as The Menezies, The Miskins, Adrian Ferdinands, Nimal Mendis, Eranga and Priyanga may even be forgotten right now. Today’s musicians will be forgotten tomorrow. Who will remember Harold Seneviratne, Malcolm de Kauwe, Sandra Edema, Yoland Bavan, Vilma Schuilling, The Fireflies, The Spitfires, the list goes on. Hence a book to record the existence of our western musicians is a great need.One post on Facebook and a few emails have got some of the musicians of the past and present interested to be featured in the book. A blast from the past were the first to respond. Desmond Kelly, Bill Forbes, Cliff Foenander, The Hezonites, Naomi and the Boys and Keith Potger (Seekers) among others. Mignonne Frenando, Desmond de Silva, Derrick Junkeer, Alston Koch, Joey Lewis, Tyronne Pieris (Cosmic Rays), Dalreen, Priyanthi and Raja Jalaldeen, Sohan Weerasinghe, Sohan Pieris and a few others have responded with enthusiasm.

The book will feature 100 musicians and their journey in music,. Articles will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. Approximately 1,500 words (2 A4 pages) with two pictures is the allocation of space per musician.

The deadline for all articles is December 31, 2014. The book will be released on March 1, 2015.The cover design has been volunteered by a student of Ishan’s from his advertising days who is now Art Director in an International agency in Dubai.Send your articles to [email protected] or [email protected];lk before December 31. All articles will be laid-out and sent for approval before publication.

A record for the generations of future musicians is a prime need. At least let them be remembered through this book.


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