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Big Lady gets satellite phones

The Retired Big lady has got a dozen satellite phones from Uncle Sam's mission to be used in the conspiracy to bring in Polonnaru Sira as the candidate that is common.

The lady kept two for her and gave a phone each to Sira, the convicted dental surgeon, Wedding Sam, Ra-Blue and the other stakeholders of the coup. None of them used a single mobile or a land phone and changed their vehicles for secret night missions during the operation that saved Ra-Blue's Green leadership.

Ka-roo conspires against Sira

Ka-roo and his confidants held a secret meeting in Colombo yesterday to explore ways and means to thwart Ra-Blue's efforts to hang on to party leadership by making Polonnaru Sira a scapegoat.

Ka-roo was furious that Ra-Blue did not offer him the candidature if the Green leader was not willing to contest. Ka-roo had instructed his supporters to refrain from voting for exported SLFers and that they should either spoil their votes or refrain from voting.

Love-Slave plans different strategy

Saaj-jeet, the Love-Slave had told his confidants that the opportunity they had of ousting Ra-Blue after the Prez polls had been somewhat prevented with Ra-Blue offering the candidature to Polonnaru Sira.

"Had he contested and lost, we could have ousted him easily. Yet, we could bounce back by defeating the leader's choice. We could project an indirect defeat to the party and capture power," Love-Slave had told a closed door meeting.

Bell Boys in a dilemma

The Bell Boys are on the horns of a dilemma whether to support Sira or not. Anura Price, who fears to contest that his true potential would be exposed, proposed to the politburo that they should back Sira for a regime change at any cost.

However, Lull Kanth and several others strongly opposed the idea, saying that they cannot vote for an SLFP discard.

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