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Government Gazette

The interior of the concert hall

Sydney Opera House at 40:

One man’s mission, a nation’s treasure

There is one building in the world that constantly comes on top in “Modern Wonders of the World” contests organised from time to time. This building, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is so distinctive that there is simply no other building like it in the whole world.

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Protecting children from human vultures :

Who has to look after the battered and abused child?

A realisation of guilt for ignoring anti-social and menacing happenings with a cynical sneer would naturally develop an insight in your mind as a member of the community to do whatever possible to bring back to life the poor voiceless children.

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An ode to the doyen of Sinhala literature

A friend recently said that I touch on many things under the sun and moon, but seems to skip our great literati figures such as Martin Wickremasinghe. I admitted my failing in this respect but said that it was not done deliberately.

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