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Philippines typhoon Hagupit evacuation stepped up

6 Dec BBC

About half a million people have fled coastal villages and evacuated their homes in the Philippines as a powerful storm approaches the archipelago. Typhoon Hagupit, which weakened slightly on Friday night, is due to make landfall on Saturday evening.

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Hong Kong protesters continue occupation of roads

6 Dec HMV News

Anti-election law protesters in Hong Kong have decided to continue with their occupation of main roads as they demand electoral reform. The announcement came despite the fact that the three leaders of Occupy Central protest group turned themselves in to the police,

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Plea to avoid using N.Korean leader's name

6 Dec MAX News

In North Korea, there can be only one Kim Jong Un.A South Korean official said that Pyongyang forbids its people from using the same name as the young absolute leader. The measure appears meant to bolster a personality cult surrounding Kim, who took over after the death of his dictator father Kim Jong Il in late 2011.

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