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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette
Outdoor walking and treadmill workouts offer the benefits of walking but, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each.

Walk for health, fun and fitness

My case history is, I think, typical enough. I am now a septuagenarian and, as my physician says, “Fit and healthy.” By age 40, however, I was well on my way to cardiovascular bankruptcy.

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‘Life unexamined, not worth living’

Sri Lanka has produced a number of world-renowned scientists, jurists, musicians, thespians, beauty queens and legal luminaries. However, we have still not produced an eminent philosopher who can be ranked with Socrates or Confucius.

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Thorns on the Side

Mountains for life

“Great things happen when men and mountains meet.” This famous saying by William Blake says it all. Mountains and Man have a relationship that spans the history of mankind. Most of us will never climb a mountain but they have a unique, almost romantic appeal.

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