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Government Gazette

The greatest betrayal: Part three:


Even Chandrika and Anura betrayed the party founded by their father :

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party is one of the two major political parties in Sri Lanka which has governed the country on many occasions. The country has been run by Presidents of SLFP-led coalitions for the past two decades as the other main party,

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Opposition politicians seek short cuts to regain power

The TNA has already put forward three demands, including a self-governing deferral system. This is where the people in the South have to be extra cautious. This should not be a time to settle political differences but to beat the common enemy LTTE terrorism.

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Sri Lanka a popular transit point for asylum seekers

The Sunday Observer in a recent issue highlighted that Sri Lanka has recorded a staggering 13,365 foreign visitors who have not emigrated in the past two years. Apart from those who come for pleasure or business, the figure had significantly increased by the recent groups that temporarily arrived in search of political refuge in a third world country.

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