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Vote on Appropriation Bill passed

The vote taken on the appropriation (amendment) bill was passed in Parliament with a majority of 163 votes yesterday.

The only Parliamentarian of the Frontline Socialist Party, Ajith Kumara called for a division at the end of the second reading. When the House moved for the vote, MEP Leader MP Dinesh Gunawardena asked for a division by name. However, Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa informed the House that it was too late to call for a division by name and the vote was taken row by row.

The bill received 164 votes in favour and MP of the Frontline Socialist Party, Ajith Kumara voted against the bill.

The SLFP, TNA and DNA members voted for the bill. the other UPFA constituent parties, LSSP, CP, MEP and NFF abstained from voting. The UPFA members who abstained from voting were Dinesh Gunawardena, D.E.W. Gunasekara, Prof.Tissa Vitarana, Wimal Weerawansa, Chandrasiri Gajadeera, Gitanjana Gunawardena, Y.G.Padmasiri and Sriyani Wijewickrama. At the end of the vote, MEP Leader MP Dinesh Gunawardena requested the Speaker tto record their abstention from voting. Speaker Rajapaksa said that it will be done as requested by the MP.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on behalf of the Government thanked all those who voted for and those who abstained from voting. He said the intention of the budget was to provide relief measures to the people. He also thanked MP Ajith Kumara who was the only member who voted against, for his stance which would help the sustenance of parliamentary democracy.

“This is a new political experience and we do not need to go for any divisions. This is an attempt to create a new political culture in the country”, he said.

The third reading of the bill was passed with amendments, without any division.


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