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Expressing their innermost feelings through art and using tools which their limited capabilities could handle, these
differently-abled children gave child art a new dimension at the Kala Pola Art exhibition held last week.

Child art with a difference

Art, like music is a universal language of communication. More so to children especially those who suffer disabilities that prevent them from leading normal lives. As the Kala Pola art exhibition held last week at the Vihara Mahadevi Park unfolded hidden talents of young and old,

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Bringing up children, the right way

It is the mother and the father who have to give care and protection for the reason it was they who bore the child to this world. That is the natural law. In his book From Topsy-turvydom To Freedom, Bhikkhu K. Nanananda in the chapter on Mother and Child says ‘The birth of a child is at the same time,

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Mala yakkas and Nomala yakkas who throng our island

Just listen to a typical conversation in a Sri Lankan village, be it a tea kiosk or a forsaken ambalama. Just count the number of times the term Yakka creeps into the cacophony of talk, indulged in for the mere sake of satiating leisure hours. Of course the participants have to be all-male caste.

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