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2.8 million-year-old human jaw discovered

Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they believe is one of the very first humans. The 2.8 million-year-old fossil is 400,000 years older than researchers originally thought humankind first emerged. The discovery in Ethiopia gives researchers further clues as to why "humans" moved from being tree dwellers to upright walkers down on the ground. Ethiopian student Chalachew Seyoum, who discovered the jawbone, said he was "stunned" when he saw the fossil.

"The moment I found it, I realised that it was important, as this is the time period represented by few (human) fossils in Eastern Africa." The fossil is of the left side of the lower jaw, along with five teeth including the back molar teeth. Previously, the oldest fossil scientists had of humans was an upper jaw also from Ethiopia, dated to 2.35m years ago.



Up in smoke

A woman made a costly mistake after stashing $20,700 in her oven for safe keeping and then turning the oven on. The money was borrowed by the Chinese woman's husband from some friends and family to pay for some major work projects. Believing that the oven would be a safe hiding spot for the large sum of money(because who would check in the oven for cash?) the woman placed the borrowed money in the oven and later forgot about it.

The following day a lit match was tossed into the wood-burning oven, setting the cash on fire. The women attempted to save the money but most of the notes were burnt beyond recognition.Unfortunately the Bank of China said they could only replace the money if more than half the note remained which was not the case for any of the money. Perhaps try the fridge next time?



Antarctica ice shelf melting fast

Researchers have discovered a new understanding of how climate change and warming oceans are shrinking Antarctic ice shelves. The ice shelves are disappearing faster than first thought and are melting from the bottom, shedding icebergs more frequently. They have been monitoring the calving, which is when ice shelves split and shed ice. The latest research used satellite images of the entire Antarctic coastline. Thousands of satellite images have been taken to show the actual change of the ice front.Smaller ice shelves are thinning rapidly and are becoming vulnerable to the warm water that's melting underneath.

The icebergs are measured in giga tonnes, 1,000 million tonnes of ice. In terms of an ice cube, it's an ice cube that is one kilometre in each direction. Decay of the ice shelves increases the rate at which ice flows from Antarctica into the ocean. All of this melting will cause the sea level to rise, which is a problem we may face in the future. It is predicted that the melting ice sheets could raise sea levels by as much 18.5 centimetres over the next 100 years.



A weighty issue

An Indian baby has gained a lot of attention - not just for regular cuteness factor - because of her life threatening weight condition.Aliya Saleem weighed a healthy 9lbs when she was born but began piling on a scary amount of weight when she was four months old. Now at 10 months old, Aliya weighs the same as a six year old.

The average weight of a 10 month old child in the UK is one stone, 4lbs. Aliya now ways two stone, 13lbs. The little girl eats three times as much as other children her age and loves biscuits and curries. Aliya needs new clothes every two weeks as the old ones become too tight.

Her parents are worried as they have already lost a child to a similar issue. However, the family do not have enough money to get her good medical care - they only earn $6 per day. Despite her health issues, Aliya is the favourite baby in the village and everyone loves her, including her five year old brother. Doctors are working to figure out the cause of Aliya's weight gain and how best to help her.


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