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Families cramped for space in a classroom


The agony continues

At precisely 7.15 a.m. on Wednesday, 29 October 2014, life in the estate hamlet of Meeriyabedda, in the Badulla District, literally got interred in tons of mud and rubble, in what is now known as one of the worst earthslips in Sri Lanka.

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Today is World Water Day:

Every drop counts!

Water is the essence of life. We cannot exist without liquid water. In fact, no living being can exist without this magical combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Across the universe, there could be many other planets with liquid water where life thrives in some form.

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Intellectual capital and the new aristocracy

In a thought-provoking lead essay titled “America's new aristocracy’ the Economist of the week covering January 23 to 30, provides deep insights into the new phenomenon of intellectual capital. Intellectual capital is the driving force behind the knowledge economy which dominates the world's most powerful country, the U.S.

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