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A Sufi dance

Love has no religion

I begin with the statements of two renowned Sufis: The thirteenth-century Sufi theorist and practitioner, Jalal al-Din Rumi (d. 1273) declared: In Every Religion There is Love, Yet Love Has no Religion.

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Serialised novel:

EDVARD TUSK: without his face

[Part 12]

A novel by Pablo D’Stair

No other clothing in the room, I stood and regarded myself in the mirror, tugging at sleeves, shirt front, closing coat, letting it hang open, scrunching toes in my shoes, a pointless teeter-tottering of time waste. It could be - I thought this to myself as I stripped naked,

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The art of painting birds

The simplest animals to draw and paint are birds. This is due to their rounded and tapering shape and absence of a complicated structure. To paint birds it is not necessary to go too far, you can find them at your home garden, in magazines photographs or any pet shop or in the zoo.

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