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Our temple on a full moon poya day

The echo of the temple bell was heard spreading its message silently through the cold wind that blew around the trees driving away the darkness slowly. Birds were flying to their nests after a hard day’s work. The moon was rising from the East like a golden plate. The light of the moon was kissing the sand where people were sitting listening to the morning sermon.

Devotees clad in white were coming to the temple in large numbers. Some gathered at the shrine room carrying flowers. Some gathered at the Dagaba while others were lighting oil lamps and joss sticks. The Dagaba was shining white against the moonlight.

Some devotees were reciting gathas at the Sacred Bo tree while others were meditating silently sitting on the sandy courtyard.

The gentle breeze was blowing across the temple premises carrying with it the sweet smell of flowers and joss sticks towards the countryside.

Bo leaves together with the flags waving in the gentle breeze calmed my body and mind.

Though there were thousands of people in the temple, there was hardly any noise other than the sound of the bell, priest and the gathas in the temple on a Full Moon Poya day.


Ratthi’s fate

I grew up in Giribawa a hamlet in Anuradhapura, with an uncle named Punchi Rala. He looked after my mother and me well. One day, my master came with a guest named Mohammed who had a beard and a moustache. It made me think that they were people whom I had not seen before.

According to their discussion, I understood my mistress was suffering from a severe kidney disease and she had to undergo an operation, which was expensive and my master had no way to overcome the problem.

He decided to sell me and my mother to cover the cost. Finally my mother and I, came with the guest to his home. We were there till our fate was decided.

One morning, we were taken to the slaughter house. I saw a boy and his father waiting at the entrance of the slaughter house. I never thought that they were waiting for us. They offered a huge amount of money to the uncle and rescued both of us.

They took us to their home. On the way the boy named me Ratthi because of my skin colour.

After a few days, there was a ceremony at the house with the chief incumbent of the temple. He handed over my mother and me to aunty Kamalawathi. As I heard from the Bhikkhu, that was how the boy celebrated his 11th birthday.


A coconut tree speaks

My name is coconut. People add many names to it according to the advantages they get from the tree.

My best friend is the sun, because it helps me to grow well. I am thankful to the sun, as I am happy and proud of my height. I can see the hill-tops and my friends who live at a distance can also see it. I think, I am the king of trees and the others around me are my ‘ministers.’

When I was a child I liked the weekend. Do you know why? Because during the weekend my owner supplied a lot of manure and weeded me and helped me to grow well. My owner is particular about my health. He used pesticides and weedicides at the correct time. He watered me regularly.

One day, I faced a problem. There were insects and plants which came to destroy me. I was sad. After a few days my owner saw it and trimmed the plants and destroyed the insects.

I was happy to see the coconut tree growing well even today.



Sri Lanka is famous for gemstones from ancient times. It is an important export trade today. Many areas in the Sabaragamuwa province are well-known for gems. Ratnapura is the most important region for gems. Ratnapura means the ‘City of Gems.’ It has a Gem Museum displaying the wide range of gems available in the country.

The gem cutting is a specialised job. Gems are cut and polished before they are set on gold ornaments. Different regions in the country have many ways of making jewellery. Gems are generally worn for their beauty. People also believe that gems have the power to bring good luck.

Children inherit gem-cutting skills from their father. Now, women also work in the gem trade.


My favourite film

My favourite film is Spy Kids 2. The stars of the film are Alexa, Verga and Daryl Sabara.

The two Spy Kids are Carmen and Juni. They travelled to a strange Island and met a scientist.

They had to fight against two evil Spy Kids, Gary and Gerti. When they were in trouble, their mother and father came to help them. Their grandmother and grandfather helped them as well.

I like this film because it is an adventure film and the story is really interesting and suitable for children of my age.

The value of sports

Sports helps us to develop our body and mind. Exercises are a must to make our body strong and healthy.

There are many varieties of sports and games. It makes our eyes, brain and muscles work together. In international sport events we get an opportunity to share experiences with participants from other countries. It gives us the spirit of co-existence.

We learn to appreciate and recognise the skills and abilities of other players who come from different backgrounds. Olympic is the classic example for this international relation. There is no challenge without rules and boundaries and is the most interesting lesson that sports offers us.

If we lack challenges we won"t have the interest and the enjoyment of sports. This needs discipline, dedication, hard work and skill. Through these let us carry the valuable message about sports. ‘Not to win but to take part.’

My class teacher

My class teacher is Lakmini. She teaches us Mathematics. She is about 30 years old. She lives in Kurunegala. She is kind. She wears beautiful sarees to school.

She comes to school early in the morning. She narrates beautiful stories to us. She gives us good advice. She is short and thin. Her hair is very long. She wears spectacles.

She teaches us well. Her favourite food is milk rice. She likes to drink fanta. I love her so much.

Discovery of X-rays

X-rays were discovered in 1895 AD by a German physicist, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. He came to discover unexpectedly while he was passing electricity through gas at extremely low pressure.

He found that the rays could pass through the human body and record its bone pattern on a photographic plate. Roentgen named them as X-rays.

X-rays are electromagnetic waves. They get absorbed into bones much more than into flesh. It clearly shows breaks and cracks in a bone on the photographic plate.

X-rays have so many use but their most important use is made in hospitals. They help in diagnosing diseases in early stages. They also assist in the treatment of killing cancerous cells by stopping their further spread.

My pet

My pet is a cat. Its name is Natta. My cat was given that name because its tail is curved at the end. It is light brown and white.

When I was in grade five my younger sister joined a music class which was conducted by an Irish woman called Nicall. One day during the interval one boy bought in a small kitten and gave it to Nicall.

Nicall was allergy to cats. Once she lifted the kitten to her arms, she got rashes all over. On that day my father too was present there. Nicall asked my father, “Can you do me a favour? I am allergicw to cats. Can you bring up this kitten at your place?”

Then my father agreed and we brought the little cat to our home. We gave some milk and meat. It hid in every nook and corner from the day we bought it home. One day we were looking for it to give its meal but it was not to be found. We searched for Natta everywhere. After three hours we found it under the cupboard.

Natta is very playful and beautiful. It does not like to eat rice and curry. It likes to eat meat, fish, rotti, biscuits, noodles and ice-cream. It likes to drink milk. My pet likes my mother more than me because she feeds her everyday. I love my pet.

Significance of reading

Reading is advantageous. Most people take to reading as a hobby. It has countless advantages. We can learn many things through reading. It is incredible and appealing when we read.

“Reading maketh a full man,” is an old adage about the importance of reading. This is true. A well read person always outshines others in society. It is a good habit to read and enrich our knowledge. We can read books, newspapers,magazines and browse the internet.

Reading improves the knowledge and broadens the mind of a person. The best way to improve the reading skill is to join a library as a member. Libraries are flocked with a vast collection of books of different subjects such as geography, literature, science, mathematics and history.

Newspapers are published daily. By reading newspapers we can learn about our country and abroad. A famous Russian author, Maxim Gorky has stated, “When my mind is depressed and I hesitate on account of sad experiences, on all such occasions books provided solace and consoled me.”

It is a good practice to read than to watch television during our spare time. Books are the best friends of a man. I consider that this is one of the best ways of improving our knowledge.


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