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Government Gazette

19th Amendment:

Getting there!

In the public debate there are those who still maintain that the executive presidency is pivotal for a strong State, the defence of national sovereignty, political stability and economic development – the defeat of the LTTE is cited as the ultimate proof of this. History indicates otherwise.

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Project Mausam

India's response to China's New Silk Route :

When China’s president Xi Jinping laid out his plans to built a 'New Silk Road' across Central Asia in 2013, he was doing more than invoking China’s distant past. Instead, he was sketching out a new direction for Chinese trade and investment, one that aims not only to improve China’s links with Europe, but also to facilitate China’s macroeconomic priorities and its integration in the global economy.

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Govt saddled with Rs 572b in bills - Finance Minister

"The Government has not lost its majority to continue in government merely because the proposal to raise Rs. 4,000 billion through the issuance of Treasury Bonds suffered defeat in the House."

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