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Winner: Road safety

Road safety is an important aspect in our lives. People get injured and die in accidents. The icrease in the number of accidents is due to people not abiding by road rules.

Many people do not use pedestrian crossings to cross roads but cross the road at any point convenient to them. Some people continue to chat while crossing the road. It is a problem for drivers, when people walk on the left side of the road, though the correct rule is to walk on the right side.

Some people try to get into moving buses while others drive after consuming liquor. When using bicycles or motor-cycles they speed like cheetahs. They meet with accidents and end up in hospital.

People should not be careless. Young people should be aware of road safety.

Winner: My favourite cartoon character

My favourite cartoon character is Usumaki Naruto Sama. He is the best fighter in the Ninja Union. He does not have brothers and sisters. But, he has friends such as Sasuke Kun and Sakura Chanens in the Ninja Union. They are good fighters.

His teacher is Hatake Kakashi. He has won many fights in Ninja fighting. They live in the City of Tokyo in Japan. His ambition is to be a Hokage.

Winner: Keep our environment clean

The meaning of the word environment is about things around us. It includes water, air and land. There are living beings and non living beings in the environment. It is our duty to protect the environment.

The beauty of nature depends on the environment. There are many reasons for environment pollution such as accumulation of garbage, stray animals, noise and air pollution. However, the main reason is the accumulation of garbage. People dump garbage on the streets and in public places.

The environment becomes polluted because of the waste matter which is sent to rivers by factories. Another reason is stray animals pollute the environment.

It is necessary to keep the environment clean for good health and a pleasant surrounding. Garbage breeds mosquitoes and flies. They can carry diseases. When the water is polluted people cannot drink it and when the air is polluted we will not have fresh air to breathe.

We must educate people on how to keep the environment clean and to protect the environment.

Winner: An elephant speaks

I am a huge elephant. I have a large black body and I am proud. I participate in the Dalada perahera wearing beautiful shining clothes.

I can carry logs and have a long trunk. My ears and legs are big but my eyes are tiny.

I like to eat kithul and coconut. I can run fast. I am the largest animal on land.

Winner: Watching the night sky

Watching the night sky is a leisure activity. As students we can gain knowledge about the sky and the stars.

The night sky is bright and interesting. We see the full moon with stars on Poya days. There are stars such as Orion, Leo, Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpion.

I like to watch the night sky with my family members.

My recent hike

We went on a hike from school to the Namunukula mountain range. It consists of nine peaks. Twenty of us joined in the hike. Each carried a can of water, packet of lunch, sun protection cream, insect repellents and a compass to find the direction. Each of us wore a sun hat, pullover and shoes with spikes.

We first went to the Spring Valley tea estate and then we started climbing the peak. It was a pleasant morning. We were careful not to disturb the flora and fauna. Thick fog had been blanketed the area. The thick mist gradually cleared. The colourful orchids created a magnificent scene.

We had our lunch seated on a rock and were careful not to throw away any wrappers. It began to rain around two o'clock. The rain made the footpath slippery. The place was full of leeches. They clung to the skin of the visitors.

We stamped our feet to avoid the leeches from sucking our blood. We did not stop on the way back until we reached our destination. It was around 5 p.m. When we returned to the Spring Valley estate, we all got into the vehicle with pleasant memories. I will never forget the hike.

My first day in school

My first day in school was on a Thursday in 2006. I was very happy on that day. I woke up early in the morning. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. My mother packed my breakfast. I wore my new school uniform. My father took me to the school in his car.

My teacher's name was Harshani. She was pretty and kind. I was in the playgroup ‘C’ class. I played with my friends and we did some handwork. I loved my first day ino school. It is an unforgettable day in my life.

The two giants

Once upon a time there lived two giants. They always fought with each other and did not work together. One day a bad giant came to the giant's house. The bad giant was bigger than them.

While the two giants were fighting, the big giant carried one of the two giants to his house. The giant at home felt very lonely and he wanted the company of the other giant who was taken away.

He went to the big giant's house with a huge rock and threw it on to big giant. The big giant died. The giant saved his friend from the big giant. Thereafter the two giants lived happily without fighting with each other.

My hobby

There are many hobbies such as collecting stamps and gardening. My hobby is reading books.I like to read good books. I have novels, short stories and books on science fiction.

I love reading bed-time stories too. Reading is a useful hobby. We can improve our knowledge. Many great people have reached the top by reading.

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