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Surgical scar on the victim’s arm one month after the surger y to remove the toxic substance, which if allowed to remain would
have proved fatal

Nothing short of a miracle

The groundbreaking surgery that saved the life of a paraquat poison victim:

When life flowed unexpectedly into the dying veins of a young woman, poisoned by the highly toxic weedicide, Paraquat, the ground breaking surgery, which saved her life was justifiably hailed as ‘nothing short of a miracle’. And it continues to be hailed a miracle several months later. The miracle unfolded in a small sterile white walled operating theatre of a leading private hospital in Colombo. The patient was a teenager - a 19 year old school girl - who angered by her parents’ objection to her love affair with a fellow classmate, had resorted to the ultimate form of retaliation by attempting to end her life.

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