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'Callous disregard for patients'

I am writing this letter as I think many patients may benefit if what I highlight are put right even at this late stage.


1) I was at a multi-storied private hospital in Colombo 5 in November 2014, for a cervical spine operation and subsequently in a room for three days.

Immediately after the operation. I was unable to pass urine easily,and had no sleep as a result. When I informed the staff that I needed a urinal, the sister/matron of that floor said "our nurses don't do that! "Then I asked for a male nurse, as I had only my daughter with me and a visitor to stay the night. The nurse returned and told my visitor that he could hold the urinal.

I was very upset and embarrassed, but my visitor agreed, knowing that I was helpless! Mind you this was after a spinal surgery !

This is unthinkable as this is a well-known hospital which hands out massive bills (just as most others) detailing some charges which are unacceptable and even un-explainable by them. However, as the particular surgeon, (one of great esteem), requested me I had no choice but to admit myself to this hospital.

When I told a friend of mine (a highly reputed professor of Medicine) who came to visit me, about this incident, she was flabbergasted. She went to the 'nurse station' on the same floor and told them this was unheard of in other private hospitals, and asked her why such a situation arose. The nurses on duty looked on non-plussed.

Urine Flow'

2) On 14/02/15 I came to this same hospital for a 'Urine Flow' test prescribed by my Urologist I was sent by the staff from pillar to post, and as instructed I went to the 2nd floor when they asked me to go down to the ground floor ,pay and bring the receipt. I told him I have come after drinking more than 500 ml water as instructed by the Urologist and as I was a disabled person and asked whether I could pay the receptionist on the same floor.(and when I went there the gent at the desk was involved in an animated chat on his mobile having no work, but said - no way to pay here".

Then I persuaded an oldish minor staff member whom I told the problem to, who readily agreed to go down and pay. Even when I offered a small gift, he vehemently refused, but said he was happy to help! An extremely kind person who should be rewarded by the management! This is what is expected to help patients and not be inhuman

Worst treatment

3) On June 23, 2015 once again I came to the same hospital as I had to do another 'Urine Flow' test and went through the worst treatment once again.

This time around, I went straight to the payment counter on the ground floor, (seeing very well how I hobbled my way there) said "You have to take an appointment from the Second Floor . and come here" So,I followed their various sign boards, reached the 2nd fl. when I was directed to the Op. theatre where I had to press the bell about four times when a nurse appeared and said ˙ou have to go to the Cath.lab.

By this time I was so fed up that I dragged my daughter out and went to the closest private hospital where the test was taken and report given in not more than 15 minutes!

The Quality Control Department of this hospital was informed in all three instances verbally as well as by e-mail, but except for a verbal acknowledgement in one instance there was no acknowledgement whatsoever. There is no use in having powdered dolls at the entrances if nothing is done about complaints.

I hope this will receive the urgent attention of the hospital concerned, at least now for the sake of other patients who pay good money to rectify this disgraceful display of inhuman conduct!

A disappointed patient

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