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Facebook should be banned

“With the development of technology, the world has become a global village.” This saying is famous in today’s society. As I see it, this technological development has become a burden to man.

Today, it is very difficult to find a person who doesn’t talk about Facebook, as it provide many facilities such as Skype and chatting. People can make profiles by using pictures and various videos. Facebook makes people famous. Children, teenagers and adults use Facebook. We can communicate with people around the world. But everybody must know the limits of using Facebook.

If you misuse it you can fall into trouble. When we read newspapers we find that people have ruined their lives, murders, unethical and illegal affairs and criminal acts, all due to Facebook. However, as the saying goes “too much of anything is good for nothing”, we must be careful when we use Facebook. The authorities should warn people about the good and bad side of Facebook. They must have limitations and control the use of Facebook. Otherwise it is better to ban Facebook in Sri Lanka.


Laxapana Falls

The Laxapana waterfall is in Hatton. It is 26 metres high and originates from the Maskeliya Oya which begins its journey from Adam’s Peak. According to Sinhala folklore, Maskeliya Oya originates at the ‘Indikatupaana’ at the top of Adam’s Peak.

There are two theories as to how the waterfall got its name. One is that it cascades over a vast number of rocks, it was called ‘Laxa’ which means a hundred thousand and ‘Pahana’ which means a rock.The second theory is that the name Laxapana was derived from ‘Lassana Pahana’ which means beautiful lamp. Today, the Laxapana falls lives up to its name with regard to the second theory because it powers Sri Lanka’s first hydropower plant, generating electricity and thereby providing light for over a hundred thousand homes.


The ant

The ant is a tiny creature. It lives in groups. There are many types of ants.

It is active. It is fond of sweets. Ants are not lazy. They set a good example to us. The ant works together with other ants in a team. They keep stocks of food for the future.

Let us follow the good qualities of the ant community and achieve success in life.


Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe was an American author whose tales of mystery and imagination remain unsurpassed. ‘The House of Usher,’ ‘A descent into the Maelstorm’ and ‘The pit and the Pendulum’ are some of his books.

Poe was a son of a poor travelling actor. After his mother’s death he was adopted by John Allan of Richmond in Virginia. He was given his adoptive father’s surname as his middle name. After his education in Virginia and England, Poe was enlisted in the army for two years. He entered the Military Academy at West Point but was asked to discontinue after one year.

His living pattern did not please his foster father. When Poe was disowned by his foster father, he had to find a living on his own. The only way of earning money was by writing.His story’“Ms Found in a Bottle’ written in 1833 was the best story in a popular Baltimore periodical which won 50 dollars. Later, he had the opportunity to join the editorial staff of the Southern Literary Messenger and in 1835 became its Editor.

Despite his bad temper and financial difficulties, Poe’s writing remained clear. Generally his stories are divided into tales of horror and stories of intellect. On the other hand, Poe is generally referred to as a romantic writer. But he also wrote on serious themes, mainly about life and art.


Baker’s Falls

Baker’s Falls is one of the most eye-catching spots for visitors who visit Horton Plains. It is three kilometres away from the information centre which is at the entrance to the National Park.

The footpath to Baker’s Falls is through misty, cold and grassy plains across narrow brooks. The barefoot walk delights the traveller when the feet touch the cold grass and water.

It was Sir Samuel Baker who discovered this waterfall. He was an avid hunter and adventurous farmer who resided on the island from 1847 to 1855. While exploring the hunting grounds, he found the waterfall and had frequently stopped at the spot whenever he passes by. It has been named Baker’s Fall after him.

The value of reading

There is a lot of truth in the saying ‘Reading makes a full man.’ Reading is a good habit and it is interesting. It helps us to widen our knowledge on various subjects. Books are written by great personalities. Good books are storehouses of knowledge.

Th most important source to acquire knowledge is through reading. A good reader can make a speech at any time. He can take part in any discussion or debate with self-confidence and cannot be defeated. There are great personalities in our country who have received an education by reading.

Reading is a very useful hobby. An insensitive person can become a sensitive person by reading. The government spends a great deal to set up public libraries throughout the country. The objective of this effort is to cultivate the reading habit.

My pet dog

I have a little dog,
Its name is Brownie.
Brownie is brown and white.
It likes to eat bones and bread,
And it also likes to drink milk.

Brownie plays with me in the evening,
I bathe him every weekend.
When I come home, he jumps over me,
It is a cute dog.

My pet

My pet is a green parrot. It talks to me. It likes to eat fruits. My parrot is six- months-old and it has a red necklace.

My parrot is not caged. It flies in the morning and comes back in the evening. I found my parrot when it was bathing in a pond. I caught it and put it into a cage when it was small. I love my parrot a lot.

A special birthday

It was September 17, 2014. When I went to the hospital with my grandma. My dad was standing impatiently by the corridor. He showed us to a room and told us to go inside. As we entered there was no one inside. I was impatient but my grandma told me to be quiet. It took a long time and I could not stand any longer. Then the door opened and two nurses took my mum on a big bed. Another brought cot. I ran excitedly to the cot and found my sweet little loving baby sister who was born an hour before. She was really cute. I love her very much.

The lonely house

The ground was littered with flowers,
The sky with traces of blue.
Staring across the peach pale clouds,
Above the lonely house.

The window frames were littered with patches of translucent glass,
The door barred with a piece of rotting rosewood.
On it was written in dried up blood –
It said ‘Face death all ye who step inside.’

The rotten rosewood snapped into two,
As the door opened without a sound!


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