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Memorable moments:  Ranil Wickremesinghe taking his oath as the Prime Minister

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National Govt. from tomorrow

UNF-SLFP to function as a united front for two years:

To work on 9 identified areas:

50 UPFA members to join new administration :

The proposed consensus government between the United National Front (UNF) for Good Governance and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) will be formalized with over 70 members being sworn in tomorrow (24). The new consensus government – the first of its kind in Sri Lanka – is likely to enjoy an absolute majority,

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Memorable moments:

Five things to know about Ranil

won 106 seats, seven short of a majority in the 225-member parliament. President Sirisena’s SLFP provided the numbers from his opposition group to Wickremesinghe’s to set up the government.

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Her story in politics

With just 10 women elected to Parliament, is Sri Lanka back to the ‘one step forward, two steps back’ shuffle?:

In a lopsided representation of the people only 10 women were elected to the new Parliament, leaving one to wonder just how truly representative the new government is, especially in terms of social composition.

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SLFP’s new reality

Overcomes internal disputes, endorses national government, agrees to work without Cabinet portfolios:

Things appear have taken a positive turn for the beleaguered Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) following the unanimous decision by the party’s Central Committee to sign a MoU with the United National Party (UNP) on Friday (21) for the formation of a national government.

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