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You’ve got mail

One man’s missions to rekindle an old passion and share the love:

In this day of short message services, facebook walls, 140-word twitter limits, emails at the push of a button and all other tech-driven gizmos, a hand written letter, with all the connotations of old world charm and frustrations, is indeed a rarity. But that’s exactly what ‘Letter Earthlings’, founded by Nivendra Uduman an avid Sri Lankan letter writer, is doing. On a mission to go global with spreading love through writing letters, the Earthlings with Uduman are also rekindling the old romance of letter writing. How it works is quite simple, but what’s fascinating is Uduman, the man behind the vision who finds great purpose in listening to human narratives of both pain and joy. This incidentally inspires most of his poetry, where he captures lived moments in words.

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