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13th annual Ladies College-Musaeus College Regatta :

Record breaking Musaeus win after five years

Musaeus College crew with captain Ranuli Wickramasinghe and vice-captain Ashvini Jayathilaka along with teacher-in-charge Vajira Attanayake and coach Mark Morris celebrate after their win over Ladies College at the 13th Ladies-Musaeus Regatta held at the Beira Lake waters, Colombo Rowing Club yesterday. (Pictures by Malan Karunaratne) .

Musaeus College won the annual regatta with traditional rivals Ladies College after five years when they swept the board at the 13th bilateral rowing championship held at the Colombo Rowing Club, Beira Lake waters yesterday.

Musaeus who won the Flippper Trophy in the Under-18 category of the National Rowing championships concluded recently dominated the regatta securing eight wins out of the ten events to chalk up a tally of 39 points to Ladies’ 13.

The victorious Musaeus crew comprised Maedhini de Alwis (B), Binali de Alwis (2), Ranuli Wickramasekera (3) Senuri de Silva (S) and Mayanthi Weerakoon (Cox) in the prestigious Boat Race which they won with a new record time of 3:52 minutes erasing the previous record of 3:58 minutes.

Musaeus last tasted success in the regatta in 2010 when they beat Ladies by 46 points to 6.

Overall Ladies lead the series with 9 wins to Museaus’ 3 with one tie in 2006. Colombo Rowing Club president Damith Subasinghe was the chief guest


The victorious Musaeus College A Four crew comprising Meadhini de Alwis (B), Binali de Alwis (2), Ranuli Wickramasinghe (3), Senuri de Silva (S) and Mayanthi Weerakoon (Cox) that competed in the prestigious A Fours (Boat Race).

A Four: (Musaeus College) Maedhini de Alwis (B), Binali de Alwis (2), Ranuli Wickramasinghe (3), Senuri de Silva (S), Mayanthi Weerakoon (Cox) beat (Ladies College) Ishara Abbey (S), Chanika Goonetilleke (3), Nihara Warawita (2), Dihanie Amerasinghe (Cox), Ashmitha Gunaratne (Cox) by 3:52 minutes to 3:59.

B Four: (Musaeus College) Lishadhi Mayadunne (B), Isuri Kumarasinghe (2), Niseni Hewamallika (3), Ashvini Jayatilleke (S), Mayanthi Weerakoon (Cox) beat (Ladies College) Davina Koch (S), Jeshani Sri Kumara (3), Anelka Karunaratne (2), Ashvini Subasinghe (B), Thiranya Fernando (Cox) by 3:59 minutes to 4:01.

C Fours: (Musaeus College) Megara Wijemanna (B), Ishanka Hewakuruppu (2), Randini de Silva (3), Thanushi Perera (S), Dinara Fernando (Cox) beat (Ladies College) Shannon Perera (S), l Kavisha Dassanayake (3), Sanjula Botejue (2), Esther Peramune (B), Janindri Fernando (Cox) by 4:19 minutes to 4:24.

Old Girls Four: (Musaeus College) Subhashini Kularatne (B), Janethri

Marapana (2), Dilki Wijesekera (3), Vinuri Wickramasekera (S), Nathira

Wijemanne (Cox) beat (Ladies College) Yellani Rasaputhra (B), Gayani Boteju (2), Senuri de Silva (3), Denise Koch (S), Tehani Walpola (Cox) by 4.25 minutes to 4:56.

A Pair: (Musaeus College) Maedhini de Alwis (B), Senuri de Silva (S) beat (Ladies College) Shannon Perera (S)/Dihanie Amerasinghe (B) by 4:05 minutes to 4:36.

B Pair: (Musaeus College) Ranuli Wickramasinghe (B)/Binali de Silva (S) beat (Ladies College) Ashvini Subasinghe (B)/Kavisha Dassanayake by 4:25 minutes to 4:45.

B Scull: (Musaeus College) Senuri de Silva beat (Ladies College) Davina Koch by 4:26 minutes to 4:39.

A Double Scull: (Ladies College) Ishara Abbey (S)/Nihara Warawita (B) beat (Musaeus College) Lishadhi Mayadunne (B)/Randini de Silva (S) by 4:35 minutes to 4:39.

B Double Scull: (Musaeus College) Maedhini de Alwis (B)/Ranuli Wickramasinghe (S) beat (Ladies College) Davina Koch (S)/Anelka Karunaratne (B) by 4:09 minutes to 4:15.

A Scull: (Ladies College) Ishara Abbey beat (Musaeus College) Thanushi Perera by 4:38 minutes to 4:50.


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