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Picture courtesy National Survey on Emerging Issues among adolescents in Sri Lanka “conducted by Unicef

Adolescence: Problems and challenges :

 Engendering blockades of our generation

Conceivably, it is the most difficult phase that each and every individuals face. Uncertainty of the future in store, perception of life, anxiety, depression and the struggle between individual choices against those of their parents are some of the factors that affect not only the mental wellbeing but also physical and general perception of an adolescent on the family and society at large.

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STI and AIDS: Future challenges

 In this global age the most talked about infection in the world as well as in Sri Lanka is HIV and AIDS. HIV/AIDS has now emerged as the most devastating sexually transmitted infection.

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Gamini Fonseka: The upper echelon of Sinhala cinema

Being an old Thomian, Gamini Fonseka, rarely stepped into the old Thomian Swimming Club. He kept his cool all the time entertaining his best buddies at home in Sirimal Uyana, Ratmalana. This he treated just like an Englishman's home being his castle.

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Light Refractions by Lucien Rajakarunanayake

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