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Eid-ul-fitr: A time to reflect

The month of Ramadan which began on the 24th of September for locals is a time for inner reflection, devotion to God and self-control. Muslims around the world wake up before the break of dawn for a meal (sahar) and continue their day without food or drink until sunset.

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Sri Lanka's export of dragon fruit a success....: A million farmers come out of poverty

Today, the dragon fruit is possibly the most remarkable among fruits sold in international markets and in California it is known to fetch $8-10 per kilo. A plant of the dragon fruit was smuggled into Sri Lanka by Manjo Kariyawasam in 1998, from Taiwan, where it is grown with great care.

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Elizabeth Moir school presents: Fashion show at Dazzle

Elizabeth Moir School's grand new production, Dazzle, is a unique blend of many modes of theatre.

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