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DateLine Sunday, 23 March 2008





Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

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Acknowledged as caring, well mannered and pretty, our daughter, a legal professional extensively travelled, who enjoys theatre, music, is of medium height, works and lives in Australia. We Sinhala parents, well respected from professional background with assets would like to meet a tall handsome tertiary educated / career minded professional with good sense of humour, non-smoking son from stable family with values, keen to have a partner from similar background, ambitious to share quality life. Ideal would be with similar interests and within the age range of 30 - 34 years. She practises Catholic faith, but more than the religion and caste, focus in life is considered important. Please write to: [email protected]

A G/B parent from Colombo suburbs, seeks qualified partner for slim, pleasant, accomplished daughter 5'5", 26 years, graduated in Accountancy, presently working in Australia. Reply with family details and horoscope. (Non Malefic).

Accountant daughter unmarried Chartered Finalist BG 47 yrs 5'4" with FD seeks suitable partner. No differences. Send details with horoscope. 94-362253367. [email protected]

Acadamically / professionally qualified well mannered partner with sober habits below 32 prepared to reside in the UK sought by Buddhist Bathgama very respectable parents for slim pleasant medium complexion well brought-up daughter, 25 plus 5' British citizen law graduate (LLB Sri Lanka) with assets. Caste immaterial. Reply with horoscope and full details. Email [email protected]

Buddhist parents seek educated partner with child up to four for 44 divorced daughter. No children Visakhian Administrative Officer house Colombo permanent residency assets Australia.

B/G parents seek academically qualified son migrate USA daughter 26 5'3" Engineer. p [email protected]

B/G parents seek suitable partner for their divorced daughter (innocent party) 44 yrs old, looks much younger,kind hearted & pleasant, Bank employee, owns substantial assets. Contact with horoscope & Tel. No. [email protected]

B/G professional parents seek a sober partner in U.K. for IT professional daughter working in London B.Sc (S.L) M.S.C. (U.K.) age 31 years - Height 5'2" fair pretty. She will inherit a house.

Buddhist Salagama Colombo suburbs mother seeks suitable partner for daughter 34 years 5'4" Assistant Superintendent in a semi government organisation, owns land worth over 10 mn. Reply with horoscope.

B/G retired parents seek qualified partner for their fair pleasant daughter 37, 5'4" graduated BA (Hon) UK and employed in UK. Overseas proposals also welcome. Visiting Sri Lanka in July. 94-776918153.

Colombo Govi Buddhist family seeks suitable partner working here or abroad with steady employment or business for sister formerly primary trained teacher at leading private girls school, 40 yrs, very fair, slim, pretty, 5'3" legally divorced 1 yr marriage, innocent party, no encumbrances, monthly income thirty thousand. Dowry thirty lakhs in cash, widowers and legally divorced may apply with contact No. Caste, religion immaterial. E-mail: [email protected]

C/K aunty seeks a groom for her fair and slim niece 31 years 5'5" in height. She is B.Sc and M.Sc. (Computer System) qualified engineer working in UK partner should be of same status. She will be in Sri Lanka early April. 94-722721572.

Colombo GB parents seek suitable partner for well employed daughter 30 years 5'6" height for early marriage. She owns property in Colombo. Please reply with horoscope to [email protected] or [email protected]

Govi Catholic parents seek M.B.B.S. Doctor or Engineer tall fair handsome with good charactered below 33 yrs for their daughter 25 yrs 5'5" pretty very fair and smart engineering student. Dowry coconut lands worth 30M unregistered car 5M and new house 10M. [email protected]

G/K parents of slim attractive daughter, 29, 5'2" a professional and, well employed in USA, seek a professional partner below 35, preferably height above 5'8". email : [email protected]

Govi Buddhist US citizen Doctor parents seek a professional partner (Medical Profession preferred) for Medical Student daughter 29 years brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values. Please respond with horoscope. Email: [email protected]

Karawa Catholic parents from suburbs of Colombo seek a well accomplished son for their only daughter 32 years 5'3" very fair pretty well mannered IT graduate employed. Please reply with family details.

Kandyan Buddhist Radala parents seek a partner with similar background for professionally qualified 26 yr old daughter Senior Executive in a private firm in Colombo with a high salary fair, pretty 5'3" in height. Reply with family details & horoscope. Email : [email protected]

Kandyan Buddhist parents seek a well established suitable partner for only daughter 29 yrs 5'6" pretty, slim, working as Receptionist cum Clerk. Only brother living in U.K. Please reply with horoscope and family details in English or Sinhala. E-mail: [email protected]

Kandyan parents seek suitable partner for their UK qualified Accountancy Graduate, attractive daughter 5'6" height 26+ presently working and preparing for A.C.C.A. Finals in UK. Reply with full details and copy of the horoscope. G.B. considered.

Kotte parents retired father B/Vishva Commissioned Officer, mother B/Govi Teacher, seek son with sober habits for fair pleasant daughter 29 yrs 5'2" B.Sc (Colombo) M.Sc (Australia) recently came Sri Lanka. Hope to do PhD in Australia. Reply with horoscope.

Middle class B/G parents seek marriage partner for daughter medium complexioned kind religious professional Ph.D Biochemistry, age 34, 5'3" height employed in Research Institute USA prospects hold assets more than 10 Million, Sri Lanka. Please furnish telephone number e-mail address copy of horoscope with full details E-mail [email protected]

Professional, Buddhist parents living in New Zealand seek a suitable son, willing to live overseas for their Accountant (Intermediate) daughter, attractive, fair 22, 5'5". Please respond with full family details and horoscope in the first letter. E-mail: [email protected]

Parents seek a qualified partner aged 27-30 Catholic for a daughter 27, 5' very pretty fair slim qualified working as an Administrator in a well reputed company in Melbourne Australia. Reply with horoscope to ([email protected])

Respectable B/K parents seek well educated & qualified partner with sober habits from a respectable family, for fair pretty well-qualified daughter with masters degree, 27 years with an excellent character (Kuja in 8th House). Please reply with the copy of the horoscope & details including the family background. Email: [email protected]

Respectable professional Govigama parents living in Australia seek caring educated Christian or Catholic partner willing to migrate for slim pretty religious graduate daughter employed in Australian Government service caste immaterial.

Relative seeks well mannered handsome honest partner for Govi Buddhist 42, 5'6" unmarried very good looking, owns reputed professional business good income, kind caring engaged in charity work, parents deceased. Differences immaterial.

Sinhala Catholic parents living / working in Botswana in Southern Africa seek a suitably qualified partner for their daughter CIMA qualified Accountant, born 27th November 1973 5ft 3 ins tall light in complexion, very good looking very well mannered with remarkable assets in Sri Lanka wife daughter at the moment in Sri Lanka on holiday till mid May. If interested, please call - 94-31-2256035 or email: [email protected]

Sinhala Buddhist respectable parents living in Colombo, father Engineer seek a professionally qualified partner below 30 years for our professionally qualified daughter 25 years 5'8" assets include valuable land house and car. Caste immaterial. Reply with full details, horoscope and contact numbers. E-mail: [email protected]

S/B parents in NZ wish to introduce their daughter (brought up in NZ but values SL culture, 23 yrs, fair, 5' tall, completing Medical Degree in 2008), to an educated / qualified S/B partner between 25 - 28 yrs to work and live in NZ. Initially to develop a relationship leading towards marriage after 2009. Email family details / horoscope to [email protected]. . Details treated in strict confidence.

Sinhala Buddhist Durawe Karawe parents with assets seek eduacted accomplished son in US for pretty eduacted accomplished US citizen daughter following PhD studies in California 27 years, 5'1", four educated sisters and brothers, work in US. Please reply with horoscope. E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 94-773676135.




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