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IIHE courses cater to needs of employers, students

"The faculty members of the Imperial Institute of Higher Education(IIHE) are from the private sector and we are conscious of the industry demands.

Therefore our undergraduates are productive from the day they are recruited, said CEO IIHE Thilaka Weerakoon. He said, "We always ensure that we teach the practical aspects in all our courses to ensure that they are productive when they are employed."

IIHE established in 1996 is the only validated centre of the University of Wales in the country offering the University of Wales BSc (Hons) Business Management and BSc (Hons) Computing and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees and is among the oldest institutions offering international degrees in Sri Lanka.

The University of Wales is the second largest federal university in UK awarding 14,000 initial degrees and about 3,000 higher degrees annually also making it the second largest degree awarding body in UK. IIHE students can obtain a University of Wales qualification in Sri Lanka with substantial cost savings.

On a regular basis curricular teaching methods, modes and schemes are added or modified to accommodate the changing socio economic conditions and lifestyles. All courses are continuously updated to meet the needs of employers and perceptions of students.

An English course is taught on a voluntary basis till the student leaves the institute to ensure that the students are fluent when they leave the institute.

He said that the BSc degree programs are designed to ensure employability and hence are continuously reviewed to ensure that the teaching reflects the current market trends and the employers' requirement.

The degree programs cover a wide range of subjects and skills allowing the students to move into a wide range of specialisation built on a firm foundation. The BSc (Hons) Business Management Program has been designed to cater to students wishing to specialise as well as those wishing to obtain a general degree.

Therefore, in addition to students being able to choose subjects that are in their area of interest in the second year of their study, in the third year students can choose from among three areas available for specialisation, namely finance, marketing or human resource management or pick and mix modules and become a general degree holder.



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