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DateLine Sunday, 23 March 2008





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GOPIO to develop new vision

The Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) will hold its International Executive Committee Meeting from March 28-30 in Sri Lanka.

GOPIO International President P.P. Devraj said that they are planning to develop a new vision to take the organisation forward facing the challenges of globalisation.

He said that the growing momentum of globalisation has penetrated every sphere of human activity throughout the world. Powered by the communication revolution vast advances in information technology, speedy travel capital and human transfers across borders have created a social resurgence in all countries. The rise of diasporic identity consciousness and its rapidly growing influence in the past 2-3 decades is a remarkable phenomenon of our times.

Groups and communities that had remained muffled and dormant have found a way of coming out of their isolation and finding an identity within a transnational social formation and re-establishing the weakening connections with their original cultures and languages.

In addition we are also planning to develop a Chamber of Commerce so that we could help the members scattered around the globe to develop trading activities in a more organised manner and in the event Sri Lanka is interested in investing in any of the countries where the Indian diaspora is present we would be glad to do so through the chamber, said Devraj. The diaspora is an influential factor in world politics of today, he said.

There are 25 million members of the GOPIO around the world which includes countries such as Malaysia, Mauritius, Middle East, Kenya, Seychelles, France and the UK among others. It was established in 1989 in New York.

He said that the mission of the GOPIO is to act as a voice of the global Indian diaspora on both common issues and those that are specific for countries where there is a presence of the Indian diaspora to promote fundamental rights in accordance with international norms and standards, elimination of all forms of discrimination and establishing equality, foster understanding among people of all ethnic linguistic, cultural and religious communities, promoting bilateral/regional discussions of GOPIO chapters and provide high quality information which will help country chapters to achieve the objectives while organising by outstanding scholars/personalities to different diaspora countries to enhance understanding and capacity.

The objectives of the GOPIO are promoting trade and commerce, strengthening the international GOPIO and the chapter, securing funding, improving the dialogue with India, encouraging cultural and youth exchanges, drawing out and action plan with proper prioritisation, organise research and documentation and undertake extensive advocacy regarding the GOPIO objectives.



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