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DateLine Sunday, 23 March 2008





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Havelocks President Grero plans to improve facilities

RUGBY: The Havelocks have a new President Priyantha Grero to carry forward their sports activities to the satisfaction of all. When priyantha came into the scene signals the third generation of the Grero clan at the club. First it was L. T. Grero who was patron from 1979-80 and then it fell on the shoulders of that tireless worker in Julian Grero and now it is Julian's son Priyantha who is the new President of Havelocks and he took over from Wimal Senasinghe.

One of the first steps that Priyantha is going to take is to improve the present standard of rugby football at the club and bring it to a high level. The playing field is to be improved by filling, levelling and replanting of the grass and also improving the landscape.

The club is to get alternate grounds for practices and matches once the development work starts.

According to the new President of the club, although the club has been of a consistent standard over the years and have produced national standard players, retaining the players have been of some difficulty to the club. Funds will be spent for the improvement of the game and an experienced trainer and coah will be get.

The improvement that is envisaged cannot be done quickly, but the new president Priyantha Grero hopes to realise his dream in around 4 to 5 years. It is a long-term programme that he envisages producing quality players at national level. The kiddies play area too will be improved.

Though rugby football has been the lifeblood of the club, hockey which was a key sport of the club, will be improved and women's rugby too will also be introduced.


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