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Marriage Proposals
Government Gazette

Should you finish what you started, in one go?

Suppose you are writing a letter to one of your friends. The ball-point pen runs out of ink after you have written a few sentences. Do you calmly pick up the first working pen you find and get on with it? Or do you search the house for a pen with the same colour ink, get side-tracked and end up sorting knickknacks all day,

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Illusions and the media

How many girls or even women try to have a fairer complexion? How many young men attend gymnasia and do rigorous exercises to get that perfect body? How many of us follow various courses to obtain a highly paid job? However, all these men and women have unwittingly succumbed to an illusion.

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Thorns on the Side

Tourism and community development

Tourism is one of the world’s biggest industries, generating revenues over of US$ 1.3 trillion (2012 figures). Tourism today is a trillion-dollar industry involving the movement of more than one billion tourists across borders and another five to six billion travellers domestically in their own countries every year.

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