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A ray, a day can light up our way

Despite sections of the media seeking to cause mass religious hysteria over stories of special rays emanating from images of the Buddha, which some claim to be "Budu Res" or the aura of light around the enlightened Buddha, there is healthy skepticism over the matter, thanks in particular to some learned Buddhist monks who have said that belief in such supernatural phenomena is not in keeping with the teachings of the Buddha.

Sacred rays

From the reactions of many people overawed with piety and devotion at seeing these rays, it appears the cyan effect that takes place when one's eyes are fixed on a combination of red and yellow will be the matter of intense debate among people for some time, until something more exciting or more curious takes place. There are some with apparent religious fervour who even insist that others who have not observed the cyan effect are sinners who do not have enough merit to see it.

While the cynics, skeptics and believers thrash it out over the so-called phenomena of sacred rays, it seems that Sri Lanka could in fact benefit with some good rays of wisdom, intelligence, understanding, compassion and tolerance that will help light up the thinking of many people who matter today.

We could certainly benefit a great deal if some rays of wisdom and understanding reach Velupillai Prabhakaran, to help dispel his unshaken belief that a separate state of Eelam is attainable in Sri Lanka, and that the Tamils and others have to continue suffering until he reaches this constantly receding goal. Such rays can help reduce considerable suffering in the country, and help take the whole of Sri Lankan society forward towards a time when we all can bask in the sunshine of peace.

Rays of understanding and tolerance, whether luminous or not, will certainly help us all if they glow around the heads of today's hot-headed trade union leaders. Such rays are particularly needed to shine on trade union leaders in key sectors of state activity, instilling in them the awareness of the simple fact that the strike is the a last weapon in an industrial dispute, and certainly not the first weapon with which to bludgeon a government or whole society into compliance with their demands.

Whatever colour effect a combination of red, blue and green may give, it will certainly be welcome if such rays of unity can help teach our politicians the futility of narrow political gain in the context of larger social well being, which is the goal of the people. Rays that can light up a common path to progress, taking us to a achieving consensus on goals of achievement, are badly needed not only to help politicians mend their ways, but also change the attitudes of people who revel in keeping up the phoney differences that politicians display, except when they find common cause in approving a wage hike for themselves.

Rays of intelligence

Whatever shade of green they may come in, there is the need for plenty of rays of genuine reform needed light up the kraal of the green elephants, where the leader of the pack is unable to make a single trumpet call to bring his herd together.

The rays of Indian intervention sought to shore up the herd have obviously not been helpful, and the leader of the pack makes silly noises about party reform beginning with changes in the young jumbo organisations.

If the green kraal is in one huge mess due mainly to the rays of good leadership not emanating from where it should, there is proof gathering that rays of intelligence are being deflected from the green camp in its planned actions about the Colombo Municipal Council.

Having fooled its own voters in Colombo about is alliance with the rays and beams from spectacle frames; the green gang is about to cause bigger problems for Colombo by trying to foist on the rate payers those who never sought elections at the last CMC polls.

If not for the unfortunate consequences for the city and its people, all this certainly raises more than a laugh at how those in the green camp are struggling in their own green dung.

The cyan effect although greenish won't do for them.

They need rays of understanding that come from political maturity, which are blocked from their midst by all the green-eyed bungling going on within.

Let's have more of those rays of hope needed to instill trust and confidence among people that tomorrow can be better than today.

Such rays are sorely needed especially among the people affected by the LTTE's cruel grip on water from the Mawalaru sluice.

There are many rays needed to light up the lives of people, and get so many away from the clutches of ignorance that make them suspend belief in the rational and join in a stampede to watch holy rays emanating from statues of the greatest teacher, who had no place for miracles his message of reason and understanding.

Just one ray of wisdom a day can help shed light on how we can avoid these stampedes of curiosity and not be fooled by the machinations of those in the media, who believe they have a right to manipulate the minds of people. Such a ray a day can surely light up the way.



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