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A tour of Malaysia:

An enchantment for holidaymakers

Malaysia is blessed with its committed massive manpower, soaring natural beauty and mottled, cultural heritage. 'Unity in diversity' is the motto of the nation. It stakes the claim of cherishing one of the most ancient and developed civilizations in the world.

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The Glorious Quest' concert

Soul Sounds won the silver medals based on the points awarded by an international jury. Earning 78.63 points in the Gospel and Spiritual category and 75 points in the Scenic Folklore category, they missed the 80 cut-off mark which otherwise would have won them two gold medals.

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Glad for the extra company?

Career woman and housewife, Nilanthi believes that informing the hosts of your intended visit is the polite thing to do in this day and age. "Most women these days lead lives similar to mine - we've got challenging work at the office from which we come home to household chores, preparing meals and helping the children with their school work.

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