Eelam War 4 has not started - Keheliya

Pilgrims' Progress: A popular song rings true, about pilgrim values

Lebanon workers... Bombed out maids try the Cyprus alternative

 Pictures show civilians fleeing LTTE inflicted violence in Mutur, arriving at the Barrel Junction refugee camp in Kantale on Friday. Children were left homeless and parched, with their parents barely able to snatch any belongings before they fled. Pix by Rukmal Gamage

Goni Billa identifies 'informants':

LTTE massacres over 100 Muslims in Mutur

The LTTE massacred over hundred civilians who were fleeing fighting in Mutur, according to reports reaching to Colombo from Pachchanoor, South of Mutur. These reports said over 100 bodies of civilians laid scattered in Pachchanoor, where the LTTE installed a road block until Friday night.

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Guns cannot be allowed to solve problems - President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Friday asserted that the government would resolve any crisis through negotiations but would not allow anyone to use guns to solve problems.

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LTTE loses 330 cadres

Intercepted LTTE radio transmissions have confirmed that the LTTE has lost 330 cadres during fierce fighting that erupted during the past four days.

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How many Sri Lankans working in Lebanon would return and at what costs to the country?


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