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LTTE loses 330 cadres

Intercepted LTTE radio transmissions have confirmed that the LTTE has lost 330 cadres during fierce fighting that erupted during the past four days.

Trincomalee LTTE military leader Soornam had been heard desperately calling for more reinforcements from Batticaloa, the transmissions have revealed.

Naval forces are in control of Mutur town and a group of journalists yesterday visited the town to witness the ground situation.

Navy spokesman Commander K. Dasanayake said no fighting was reported yesterday in the town where troops on Friday aborted an LTTE attempt to overrun the Mutur Jetty. Naval Forces and Army retaliated killing 152 LTTE cadres. Three sailors were killed and eight wounded during the confrontation. Over 40-50 LTTE bodies were seen scattered on the ground yesterday, according to eye witnesses who spoke to the Sunday Observer.

According to the Navy spokesman, an estimated 80 sea Tigers had been killed in two sea battles with the naval patrol craft on Tuesday. According to intelligence sources, this number includes three Sea Tiger leaders, Kujan, Thamilselilan and female leader Selvi.

Meanwhile, security forces yesterday in Kothweli, Kilali killed five LTTE cadres who infiltrated the security forces forward defence lines, a military official said.


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