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A diagnostic scan of the conflict

It is a dubious distinction. With the war raging in Lebanon and Fidel's sudden ill-health it wasn't easy to grab a slice of attention from the global media, but Sri Lanka has succeeded in doing so with its recent and continuing bout of intense fighting.

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The Rajpal Abeynayake Column

First came the media, then came the war

Elilan's voice cut for Sirasa could have cured a person such as Margaret Thatcher of her Alziemer's disease. Alziemer's disease makes people forget - but, Sirasa did something last week to wake up memories that may have been trying hard not to forget.

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Light Refractions

A ray, a day can light up our way

Despite sections of the media seeking to cause mass religious hysteria over stories of special rays emanating from images of the Buddha, which some claim to be "Budu Res" or the aura of light around the enlightened Buddha, there is healthy skepticism over the matter, thanks in particular to some learned Buddhist monks who have said that belief in such supernatural phenomena is not in keeping with the teachings of the Buddha.

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The Rajpal Abeynayake Column
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